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Alison Brie is a talented actress with a versatile range, which has allowed her to portray a wide variety of characters in film and television. Her performances have been praised by both critics and audiences, and she has been recognized with award nominations for her work.

Brie has also been successful in several popular television series, including Mad Men, Community, and GLOW. These shows have garnered a devoted fanbase, and Brie’s roles in them have made her a beloved figure in the entertainment industry.

In addition to her acting abilities, Brie is also known for her advocacy work, particularly for women’s rights and gender equality. Her outspoken support for the #MeToo movement and her efforts to raise awareness about issues affecting women have resonated with many people.

Given Brie’s popularity, it’s no surprise that businesses, charities, and fans alike all want to contact her. To help make that possible, the following addresses, emails, and phone numbers have been compiled to give Alison Brie fans the best and most up-to-date resources for contacting her directly or through her representatives.

How to Contact Alison Brie

Still of Alison Brie in Horse Girl
© Netflix 2020

Every day, thousands of people contact the celebrities, athletes, and public figures they admire most. Some want to request donations for charity, some seek new business opportunities, but most want to send fan mail.

That’s because fan mail is a great way to express your support and admiration. Since Alison Brie is only gaining popularity, there’s no doubt that the Glow actress gets her fair share of messages and well wishes.

Alison Brie has a strong history of responding to fan mail! You can write to her by using this simple fan mail template. If you’re having trouble expressing yourself, you can also generate a letter with AI! Then try reaching out via the addresses below. Good luck!

Talent AgentTalent Agent (Commercial)
William Morris Endeavor (WME) Entertainment
9601 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
+1 310 285 9000 phone

Jessica Kovacevic
Andrew Dunlap
Doug Lucterhand
Max Gross
William Morris Endeavor (WME) Entertainment
9601 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
+1 310 285 9000 phone

Miles Gidaly
Tim Curtis
+1 310 859 4112 phone
+1 310 248 5612 fax

More Ways to Contact Alison Brie

Still of Alison Brie in GLOW and Perverts are People, Too
Erica Parise/Netflix

If you still need more email addresses, phone numbers, and mailing addresses in order to reach the Promising Young Woman actress, then look no further. You can reach out to Brie via her representatives.

Legal RepresentativePublicistManager
Sloane, Offer, Weber & Dern
10100 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90067

A.J. Brandenstein
David Weber
Independent Public Relations
101 S. Robertson Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90048
+1 323 488 5820 phone

Jodi Gottlieb
+1 323 488 5822 phone
Melissa Bank
+1 323 488 5825 phone
Rise Management
535 N Larchmont Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90004
+1 323 852 3120 phone
+1 323 852 3120 fax

Christie Smith
Julie Darmody

DM Alison Brie on Social Media

Still of Alison Brie in GLOW and Maybe It's All the Disco
© Netflix 2017

A lot of fans are more comfortable DMing than they are with sending a letter in the mail or making a phone call. It’s a strategy that can work as there are a number of celebrities that have been known to respond to DMs. Try reaching Brie on her official social media accounts.


About Alison Brie

Alison Brie as Trudy Campbell and Vincent Kartheiser as Pete Campbell - Mad Men _ Season 7B, Episode 13 - Photo Credit: Justina Mintz/AMC
Justina Mintz/AMC | © AMC Network Entertainment LLC and Lions Gate Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Brie is best known for her roles in popular television series such as Trudy Campbell in Mad Men, Annie Edison in Community, and Ruth Wilder in GLOW. Her performances in these shows have earned her critical acclaim and several award nominations, including a Golden Globe nomination for her work in GLOW.

In addition to her work on the screen, Brie has also lent her voice to several animated series, including BoJack Horseman and The Lego Movie franchise. She has also appeared in films such as The Five-Year Engagement, Get Hard, and The Disaster Artist.

Outside of her acting career, Brie is known for her advocacy work, particularly for women’s rights and gender equality. She has been an outspoken supporter of the #MeToo movement and has used her platform to raise awareness about issues affecting women in the entertainment industry and beyond.

Brie is also married to actor Dave Franco, whom she met while filming the romantic comedy The Little Hours. The couple tied the knot in 2017 and have since worked together on several projects, including the Netflix film Horse Girl.

With her impressive body of work and commitment to social justice, Alison Brie continues to be a leading figure in Hollywood and an inspiration to many.

Who is Alison Brie’s manager?

Alison Brie’s manager is Tim Curtis of William Morris Endeavor (WME) Entertainment. You can email Brie via her manager at

What is Alison Brie’s fan mail address?

You can write to Alison Brie via WME at:
9601 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

What is Alison Brie’s phone number?

While Alison Brie’s personal phone number is not public information, you can reach her by phone through her representatives by calling her agency WME at +1 310 285 9000.

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