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Laura Dern’s popularity can be attributed to her immense talent and versatility as an actress, as well as her involvement in numerous critically acclaimed films and television shows. With a career spanning over four decades, Dern has showcased her ability to portray complex and multifaceted characters in a variety of genres, earning her widespread recognition and numerous awards.

Additionally, her passion for social and political causes has further endeared her to fans and earned her a reputation as a compassionate and empathetic individual. Overall, Laura Dern’s popularity can be attributed to her remarkable talent, range, and dedication to using her platform for good.

Laura Dern has captured the attention of many, including businesses, charities, and devoted fans. If you’re one of the many individuals looking to get in touch with her, you’re in luck! We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the most current and reliable addresses, emails, and phone numbers available, enabling you to connect with Laura Dern directly or through her representatives with ease.

Laura Dern Contact Information Quick Reference

Laura Elizabeth Dern
Photo of Laura Dern
Laura Dern is an accomplished American actress, producer, and director.
With a career spanning over four decades, she is known for her versatile performances and advocacy for social and political causes.
Actor in: Morning
Born: February 10, 1967
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, USA
c/o Creative Artists Agency (CAA)
2000 Avenue of the Stars
Los Angeles CA, 90067
Phone: +1 424 288 2000
POC: Jim Nicolay of CAA
Laura Dern's Autograph

How to Contact Laura Dern

Still of Laura Dern in Jurassic Park
Murray Close/Getty Images | © 2011 Murray Close

Connecting with your favorite celebrities, athletes, and public figures is a common practice for many people. Whether it’s to request donations for a charitable cause, explore new business opportunities, or simply express your admiration and support, fan mail remains a popular means of reaching out to those in the public eye.

As Laura Dern’s star continues to rise, it’s no surprise that the talented actress receives an abundance of messages and well-wishes from her dedicated fans. Luckily, Dern does have an established history of responding to fan mail! To make the process of writing to her easier, you can use a simple fan mail template or even generate a letter with the help of AI.

With that said, we’ve compiled a list of addresses below that you can use to try and get in touch with Laura Dern directly or through her representatives. Give it your best shot, and good luck!

Talent Agent (Voice)Talent Agent
Creative Artists Agency (CAA)
2000 Avenue of the Stars
Los Angeles, CA 90067
+1 424 288 2000 phone
+1 424 288 2900 fax

Jim Nicolay
Sara Leeb
Creative Artists Agency (CAA)
2000 Avenue of the Stars
Los Angeles, CA 90067
+1 424 288 2000 phone
+1 424 288 2900 fax

Barry Buren
4242882000 phone
Charlie Jennings
Michael Rosenfeld
Peter Levine
Talent Agent (Commercial)Manager
Creative Artists Agency (CAA)
2000 Avenue of the Stars
Los Angeles, CA 90067
+1 424 288 2000 phone
+1 424 288 2900 fax

Carla Laur
Rick Lucas
Untitled Entertainment
P.O. Box 5539
Beverly Hills, CA 90209
+1 310 601 2100 phone
+1 310 601 2344 fax

Jason Weinberg
Steven Nossokoff

More Ways to Contact Laura Dern

Still of Laura Dern in Big Little Lies and Somebody's Dead
© 2017 – HBO

If you’re looking for additional ways to contact Laura Dern beyond what’s been provided, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! One effective method is to get in touch with the following representatives.

By reaching out to her representatives, you may be able to secure a more direct line of communication with the Jurassic Park actress. So, don’t hesitate to give it a try. Use the resources provided below to reach out to Laura Dern’s team and see if they can assist you in your efforts to contact her.

PublicistLegal Representative
Wolf-Kasteler Public Relations
+1 310 205 0618 phone
Annett Wolf
Keleigh Kaliher
+1 213 479 2700 phone
Latham & Watkins
10250 Constellation Blvd
Suite 1100
Los Angeles, CA 90067
See map (
Jonathan D. West
+1.424.653.5513 phone

Business Information

Laura Dern is a multi-talented individual who has not only made a name for herself as a celebrated actress but also as a successful businesswoman. She co-founded her own production company, Jaywalker Pictures.

Jaywalker Pictures has produced a number of critically acclaimed films and TV shows. One of their recent notable projects is the upcoming Hulu series “Tiny Little Things” (2023). Dern’s involvement as a producer in this series adds to her already impressive portfolio of work and highlights her continued success in the industry.

Jaywalker Pictures
Jaywalker Pictures
1663 Euclid St.
Santa Monica, CA 90404
310-581-5903 phone

DM Laura Dern on Social Media

Still of Laura Dern in Jurassic Park
Murray Close/Getty Images | © 2011 Murray Close

For many fans, direct messaging on social media has become a preferred way of communicating with their favorite celebrities. If you’re more comfortable with DMing than sending a letter or making a phone call, then you might want to consider reaching out to Laura Dern through her official social media accounts.

Many celebrities have been known to respond to DMs from fans, making this a viable strategy for getting in touch with them. By reaching out to Laura Dern through her social media channels, you may be able to establish a more personal connection and potentially receive a response from the actress herself.

To get started, check out the list of Laura Dern’s official social media accounts below. Try sending her a direct message or tagging her in a post and see if she responds. Good luck!


About Laura Dern

Laura Dern is an American actress, producer, and director, born on February 10, 1967, in Los Angeles, California. She is the daughter of two famous Hollywood actors, Bruce Dern and Diane Ladd, and has been immersed in the film industry since childhood.

Dern began her acting career at the age of 5, appearing in several of her mother’s films. She later attended the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute and made her feature film debut in 1980’s “Foxes.” However, it was her breakout role in David Lynch’s “Blue Velvet” in 1986 that established her as a versatile and talented actress.

Throughout her career, Dern has starred in a wide range of films and TV shows, including “Jurassic Park,” “Wild at Heart,” “Rambling Rose,” “Enlightened,” and “Big Little Lies.” She has received numerous accolades for her performances, including four Golden Globe nominations and an Academy Award nomination for her role in “Rambling Rose.”

In addition to her acting work, Dern is also an accomplished producer and director. She produced and starred in the HBO series “Enlightened,” which earned her a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Television Series – Musical or Comedy. She also directed several episodes of the show.

Outside of her film and television work, Dern is actively involved in various social and political causes, including supporting women’s rights and environmental issues. She has been recognized for her humanitarian work and received the ACLU Bill of Rights Award in 2017.

Overall, Laura Dern is a talented and respected actress, producer, and director who has left a lasting impact on the entertainment industry.


Who is Laura Dern’s manager?

Laura Dern’s manager is CAA’s Jim Nicolay. You can contact Dern through her manager at

What is Laura Dern’s fan mail address?

You can write to Laura Dern via CAA at:
2000 Avenue of the Stars
Los Angeles, CA 90067

What is Laura Dern’s phone number?

While Laura Dern’s personal phone number is not public information, you can reach her by phone through her representatives by calling her agency Luber Roklin Entertainment at +1 424 288 2000.

What is Laura Dern’s email address?

You can send Laura Dern an email via CAA at

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