Premium Fan Mail Service: Fan Letters Sent For You!


Experience the ease and elegance of Tales From The Collection’s Premium Fan Mail Service. We handle printing, packaging, and shipping!


Introducing Tales From The Collection’s Premium Fan Mail Service, where we take the hassle out of sending fan mail and make it a seamless experience for devoted fans like you. Our full-service fan mail offering ensures that your heartfelt messages are presented on high-quality paper, accompanied by two archival-quality acid-free index cards for your favorite celebrity to sign. We take care of the printing, folding, packaging, and even include a stamped return envelope with your address, so any responses will go straight to you for a convenient and stress-free process.

With our service, you just need to provide your fan letter, the destination address, and your return address. We’ll make sure it’s sent first class via USPS to any location in the continental U.S. Each purchase includes two U.S. Forever Stamps, a #10 envelope, a #9 envelope, your printed fan letter, and two index cards.

Elevate your fan mail experience with Tales From The Collection’s Premium Fan Mail Service, and make your voice heard in style!

Please note: While Tales From The Collection guarantees that your fan letters will be sent out, we cannot guarantee a response from the recipient or that letters will not come back return to sender (RTS). Good luck!

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