Automate Your Autographs!

Cross-Reference Con Attendees With a Movie’s Credits

Multi-signed cast pieces just got a lot easier thanks to the power of programming! This executable program built with Python works for any movie and any comic convention guest page. But, let’s say that you’re working on a cast piece for Star Wars. If you see Mark Hamill at a comic convention, you know he needs to go on there. But, what if you’ve got a big poster and want anyone and everyone who worked on the film to sign it? You may not recognize the person by name who played the third stormtrooper to the right or every random Ewok from Endor. For movies with a big cast and conventions with a long guest list, this program really shines! It makes comparing all the names from long credits and long lists of guest quick and easy.

Star Wars Poster signed by multiple cast members. Autographs from Mark Hamill and more.
From the collection of Kevin Espinoza

Check out my simple walkthrough video that shows you how to run the program with no coding knowledge required. I already bundled it into an executable program for Windows users and provided the source code below as well.

Easy Step-By-Step Usage Video:

You can also find it on GitHub here.

Executable File for Windows Users:

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