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Today’s a Big Day – 29NOV2019

Today’s a big day

Giving back is an essential part of the Thanksgiving holiday. But this year, I want you to do more than give back to others — I want you to give back to yourself. 

Too often I see people going easy to end the year. Instead of taking action on becoming better, you spend your time waiting in lines, spending money on gifts, and letting your fitness slide. 

Not this year. 

Instead of waiting in line on Black Friday, I want you to head to the gym — or train at home (I’ve included a bodyweight workout below).

Instead of letting Thanksgiving pie last for days, I want you to commit to one healthy habit. I recommend starting your day with protein. If you can win your first meal, you can win the day. 

To help, we’re having our only sale of the year at Ladder. It’s 30% OFF everything. If there was ever a time to commit to your health, there’s no time better than now. 

And for everyone that purchases in the next 72 hours, I’ll be sending a special bodybuilding workout that’s been in my vault. 

To access the workout, use checkout code Arnold30 for 30% off anything you get on the site, and you’ll receive the workout next week. Click here to take advantage.

Remember, giving back to others doesn’t mean taking away from yourself. 

Your Post-Thanksgiving Bodyweight Workout

The Plan: Alternate between 30 seconds of work and 30 seconds of rest for each exercise in the following circuit using the bodyweight exercises below. Completing all 7 moves is 1 round. Perform a total of 3 to 6 rounds. 

1. Bodyweight squat
2. Pushup
3. Hip raise
4. Reverse crunch
5. Close-grip pushup
6. Alternating lunges
7. Plank

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