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Bad Bunny to Star in Marvel’s “El Muerto”, Now in Development

Marvel has confirmed that Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny will star in the newest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) “El Muerto”. The Marvel superhero has an interesting backstory closely tied to Spider-Man. The powers and mask of the super powered wrestler el Muerto have been passed down generation to generation. Each wrestler had to prove themselves to their oppressor, el Dorado, so that they could remain alive and keep their powers. When Marcus Estrada presented his son Juan Carlos to el Dorado, Juan Carlos cowered in terror, unwilling to fight him. Marcus Estrada sacrificed his life to try and save Juan Carlos. Out of respect for his father’s courage, el Dorado granted Juan Carlos ten years to travel and to become brave, and then to duel a masked wrestler and unmask him.

Ten years later, el Muerto traveled to New York City and approached J. Jonah Jameson to set up a charity event: A wrestling match, in which el Muerto would fight Spider-Man. Jonah organized the match, hoping that el Muerto would defeat and unmask Spider-Man. El Muerto and Spider-Man both attended the match, and Spider-Man was confident he would easily defeat el Muerto. The tide turned, and el Muerto nearly unmasked Spider-Man. Reflexively, Spider-Man stabbed el Muerto with his stingers, injecting him with a paralyzing poison.

If the upcoming feature film follows el Muerto’s comic book origin story, then we can expect to see el Muerto and Spider-Man crossing paths, in a scene reminiscent of the one from 2002’s “Spider-Man” in which the web-slinger goes toe to toe with the cage fighter known as Bone-Saw. “El Muerto” has been given a release date of January 12th, 2024.

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