Mayfair Witches Season 2

“The Mayfair Witches” Season 2 in Development by AMC

AMC Studios is currently working on the much-anticipated second season of the bewitching series “The Mayfair Witches.” Based on the popular book series by Anne Rice, this TV adaptation has captivated audiences with its intricate tale of evil, witchcraft, and seductive beings. Filming for the second season is set to take place in New Orleans, staying true to the story’s atmospheric backdrop.

A Creative Powerhouse Behind “The Mayfair Witches”

Alexandra Daddario in Mayfair Witches, Second Line, Transference and Tessa
Alfonso Bresciani/AMC | © 2022 AMC Network Entertainment LLC. All Rights Reserved.

“The Mayfair Witches” boasts an impressive roster of seasoned professionals, bringing their unique skills and prior collaborations to the table. Mark Johnson, Christopher Rice, and Jeff Freilich serve as producers, while Esta Spalding and Michelle Ashford take on the roles of writer and producer. Michael Uppendahl is set to direct the new season, with a production team that includes Line Producer/Production Manager Steph Accetta, Production Coordinator Dylan Gravley, and Productions Services Steve Cainas.

The Familiar Faces of Success

Alexandra Daddario as Dr. Rowan Fielding - Mayfair Witches _ Season 1, Episode 3 - Photo Credit: Alfonso Bresciani/AMC
Alfonso Bresciani/AMC | © 2022 AMC Network Entertainment LLC. All Rights Reserved.

“The Mayfair Witches” has enjoyed a successful first season, and much of this success can be attributed to the combined expertise and creative synergy of the production team. The collaboration between Mark Johnson, Michelle Ashford, and Christopher Rice brings together a wealth of experience and talent from various aspects of television production, writing, and storytelling.

Mark Johnson, an Emmy Award-winning producer known for his work on “Breaking Bad” and “Better Call Saul,” has a proven track record of creating compelling and high-quality television series. His keen eye for detail and ability to bring out the best in the stories he produces has played a significant role in the success of “The Mayfair Witches.” With Johnson at the helm, the series is in capable hands, ensuring that the second season will maintain the high standards set by the first.

Michelle Ashford, an accomplished writer, and producer, gained recognition for her work on “Masters of Sex.” Her ability to craft engaging narratives and develop complex characters has been a critical component in the success of “The Mayfair Witches.” Ashford’s experience in working with Johnson on previous projects has allowed for seamless collaboration, enabling the duo to effectively translate the essence of the story to the small screen.

Christopher Rice, the son of Anne Rice, author of “The Lives of the Mayfair Witches” trilogy, brings a unique perspective to the adaptation of the source material. As an accomplished writer himself, Rice’s intimate understanding of his mother’s work ensures that the adaptation remains faithful to the original vision while also infusing it with his own creative flair. This close connection to the material adds an authenticity to the series that is hard to replicate, allowing for a richer and more immersive viewing experience.

The combination of these three industry professionals has resulted in a series that is both critically acclaimed and beloved by fans. With their history of creating engaging television and their dedication to honoring the source material, there is every reason to believe that the second season of “The Mayfair Witches” will continue to captivate audiences and maintain the high standard set by its successful first season.

Cinematic Excellence and Captivating Performances

Still of Alexandra Daddario in Mayfair Witches
Alfonso Bresciani/AMC/Alfonso Bresciani/AMC | © 2022 AMC Network Entertainment LLC. All Rights Reserved.

The visual and performance elements of “The Mayfair Witches” have been instrumental in the series’ success, creating an immersive and captivating viewing experience. Directors of photography, Evans Brown and Joseph E. Gallagher, in collaboration with Assistant Directors Doug Carter and Tommy Martin, have masterfully captured the show’s enigmatic and spellbinding ambiance. This skilled team has expertly balanced the use of lighting, composition, and camera work to evoke a sense of mystery and magic that is essential to the story.

Casting Directors Debra Zane and Dylan Jury have demonstrated exceptional acumen in assembling a remarkable ensemble of talented actors. Their keen eye for identifying the perfect performers to embody the iconic Mayfair witches has greatly contributed to the authenticity and depth of the characters portrayed on screen. The diverse and dynamic cast breathes life into the story, making the legendary dynasty of witches feel both real and engaging.

Together, these accomplished professionals have combined their talents to create a visually stunning and emotionally resonant series that captures the essence of “The Mayfair Witches.” Their expertise in their respective fields has not only elevated the quality of the show but also contributed significantly to its overall success. With such a strong foundation in visual storytelling and performance, “The Mayfair Witches” is poised to continue enthralling audiences as the story unfolds.

A Spellbinding Season Two For “The Mayfair Witches”

As “The Mayfair Witches” delves deeper into the centuries-spanning story of the Mayfair family and their haunting encounters with Lasher, fans eagerly await the second season. With a talented team of writers, directors, and producers, all working in harmony to bring this complex tale to the screen, there’s no doubt that season two will be as enthralling as the first. Stay tuned for further updates on the development and eventual release of the next chapter in this supernatural saga.

The Mayfair Witches (Season two)

Series on AMC

Stalwart Productions Llc, Gran Via Productions, & AMC Studios

Filming Status: Active Development

Filming Location: New Orleans

Production Team

  • Producer: Mark Johnson – Christopher Rice & Jeff Freilich
  • Writer & Producer: Esta Spalding & Michelle Ashford
  • Director: Michael Uppendahl
  • Line Producer/Production Manager: Steph Accetta
  • Production Coordinator: Dylan Gravley
  • Productions Services: Steve Cainas
  • Director of Photography: Evans Brown & Joseph E. Gallagher
  • Assistant Director: Doug Carter & Tommy Martin
  • Casting Director: Debra Zane & Dylan Jury


The Mayfair Witches is a wondrous journey through the centuries, across the globe, and between the human and demonic worlds. On the screened porch of a great New Orleans house, now faded, a mute and fragile woman sits rocking. She belongs to a legendary dynasty of witches—a family that is itself haunted over the ages by a dangerous and seductive being named Lasher. Their story begins in our time, with a rescue at sea. Rowan Mayfair, a brilliant neurosurgeon aware of her abilities but oblivious to her ancient line, finds the drowned body of Michael Curry off the coast of California and brings him to life. In his brief interval of death, he has acquired a sensory power that mystifies and frightens him. Fiercely drawn to each other, Rowan and Michael set out to solve the mystery of her past and his unwelcome gift, and an intricate tale of evil unfolds: an evil unleashed in seventeenth-century Scotland, where the first “witch,” Suzanne of the Mayfair, conjures up the spirit that spells her own destruction and torments each of her descendants in turn.

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