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Kate Siegel has cemented her status in the entertainment industry through a series of compelling performances in the horror genre, particularly in collaborations with filmmaker Mike Flanagan. Her ability to convey depth and strength in characters facing unspeakable terror, exemplified in her standout role and co-writing in “Hush,” as well as her portrayal of Theodora Crain in the critically acclaimed “The Haunting of Hill House,” resonates with audiences.

Her talent extends beyond acting into screenwriting, contributing to her reputation as a multifaceted artist. Her consistent presence in projects that push the boundaries of horror has not only showcased her versatility but also her capacity to anchor complex narratives, making her a memorable and influential figure in the genre.

Kate Siegel has captured the attention of many, including businesses, charities, and devoted fans. If you’re one of the many individuals looking to get in touch with her, you’re in luck! We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the most current and reliable addresses, emails, and phone numbers available, enabling you to connect with Kate Siegel directly or through her representatives with ease.

Kate Siegel Contact Information Quick Reference

Kate Siegel

Actress, Screenwriter
Kate Siegel has garnered acclaim for her compelling performances in the horror genre, particularly in her collaborations with filmmaker Mike Flanagan. Her dynamic presence and ability to bring depth to her characters have made her a standout figure in modern horror cinema.
Agency: Stride Management
Representatives: Brittney McDade
8820 Wilshire Blvd.
Suite 210
Beverly Hills, CA 90211, USA
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How to Contact Kate Siegel

Kate Siegel at event for House of the Dragon
Jon Kopaloff/WireImage | © 2022 WireImage | Image courtesy

Connecting with your favorite celebrities, athletes, and public figures is a common practice for many people. Whether it’s to request donations for a charitable cause, explore new business opportunities, or simply express your admiration and support, fan mail remains a popular means of reaching out to those in the public eye.

As Kate Siegel’s star continues to rise, it’s no surprise that the talented actress receives an abundance of messages and well-wishes from her dedicated fans. Kate Siegel does not have a history of responding to fan mail. Nevertheless, you can contact her by using a simple fan mail template or even generate a letter with the help of AI.

We’ve compiled a list of addresses below that you can use to try and get in touch with Kate Siegel directly or through her representatives. Give it your best shot, and good luck!

Talent Agent Talent Agent (Literary) Talent Agent (Personal Appearances)
Agency: Paradigm Talent Agency
Phone: +1 310 288 8000
Address: 700 N San Vicente Blvd, Suite G820, West Hollywood, CA 90069, USA
Representatives: Joshua Finn, Nathalie Didier, Stephanie Ramsey
Agency: Paradigm Talent Agency
Phone: +1 310 288 8000
Address: 700 N San Vicente Blvd, Suite G820, West Hollywood, CA 90069, USA
Representatives: Ethan Neale, Kelsey Roberts
Agency: Full Empire Promotions
Phone: +1 215 801 1956
Email: FullEmpirePromotions@Comcast.Net
Address: 1034 Second Avenue, Croydon, PA 19021, USA
Representative: Dominic Mancini

More Ways to Contact Kate Siegel

Kate Siegel at event for Kiss the Future
WireImage | © 2023 Gary Gershoff | Image courtesy

If you’re looking for additional ways to contact Kate Siegel beyond what’s been provided, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! One effective method is to get in touch with the following representatives.

By reaching out to her representatives, you are able to secure a more direct line of communication with the House of the Dragon actress. So, don’t hesitate to give it a try. Use the resources provided below to reach out to Kate Siegel’s team and see if they can assist you in your efforts to contact her.

Publicist Manager Legal Representative
Agency: Bespoke Publicity
Address: 223 Bedford Ave, Ste 83, Brooklyn, NY 11211-4171
Representatives: Kelli M. Jones (, Teal Cannaday (
Additional Address: 2708 Wilshire Blvd, #464, Santa Monica, CA 90403
Agency: Stride Management
Phone: +1 323-266-9110, +1 323-210-3406
Address: 8820 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 210, Beverly Hills, CA 90211, USA
Representative: Brittney McDade (
Agency: VanderKloot Law
Phone: +1 424-302-7282
Address: P.C., 12917 Panama St, Los Angeles, CA 90066, USA
Representative: Joel VanderKloot

DM Kate Siegel on Social Media

Kate Siegel at event for The Peripheral
© 2022 Axelle/Bauer-Griffin | Image courtesy

Many fans find direct messaging on social media to be a convenient and modern way to connect with their favorite celebrities. If you prefer the ease of DMs over traditional letters or phone calls, you might want to consider reaching out to Kate Siegel via her official social media platforms.

Numerous celebrities are known to engage with fans through direct messages, making this a potentially effective method for establishing contact. By reaching out to Kate Siegel on social media, you could foster a more personal connection and potentially receive a response from the actress herself.

To begin, explore the following list of Kate Siegel’s official social media accounts. Try sending her a direct message or tagging her in a post, and you may be lucky enough to get a response. Best of luck!


About Kate Siegel

Kate Siegel, born Kate Gordon Siegelbaum on August 9, 1982, in Silver Spring, Maryland, is an American actress and screenwriter renowned for her work in the horror genre. She has become a notable figure in horror, often referred to as a “scream queen,” for her roles in various films and television series, particularly those she collaborated on with her husband, filmmaker Mike Flanagan.

Siegel’s education includes a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Syracuse University, and she has been active in her career since 2006. She married Mike Flanagan in early 2016, and they have two children together, Cody and Theodora—the latter named after Siegel’s character in “The Haunting of Hill House.” Siegel is also a stepmother to Flanagan’s son from a previous relationship.

Her acting debut was in the film “The Curse of The Black Dahlia,” released in 2007. That same year, she starred in “Hacia La Oscuridad,” which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. Over the years, Siegel has appeared in several other films and television shows, including “Steam,” “Ghost Whisperer,” “Numb3rs,” and “Castle.”

Siegel’s breakout role came with the 2013 horror film “Oculus,” directed by Flanagan. She continued to work with him in “Hush” (2016), where she played a deaf-mute woman and also co-wrote the screenplay. Her performance in “Hush” earned her nominations for Best Actress from the BloodGuts UK Horror Awards, Fangoria Chainsaw Awards, and Fright Meter Awards.

She also appeared in “Ouija: Origin of Evil” (2016) and starred alongside Carla Gugino and Bruce Greenwood in the film adaptation of Stephen King’s “Gerald’s Game” (2017), another Flanagan-directed project.

On television, Siegel is perhaps best known for her role as Theodora Crain in the Netflix supernatural horror series “The Haunting of Hill House” (2018), based on Shirley Jackson’s novel. She continued to work with Flanagan on “The Haunting of Bly Manor” (2020) and “Midnight Mass” (2021), for which she won a Saturn Award for Best Actress in a Streaming Television Series.

Siegel’s voice acting includes work on the horror podcast “The NoSleep Podcast,” and she narrated the podcast “Calling Darkness.”

Her recent projects include “The Fall of the House of Usher” (2023) and a film titled “The Life of Chuck,” which is currently in filming. She also has a role in the post-production film “The Room,” starring alongside Bob Odenkirk.

Siegel’s contributions to the horror genre, both in acting and screenwriting, have established her as a prominent figure in contemporary horror cinema and television. Her collaborations with her husband have been particularly successful, earning her critical acclaim and a dedicated fan following.

Kate Siegel FAQs

Who is Kate Siegel’s manager?

Kate Siegel’s manager is Brittney McDade from Stride Management. You can contact her at

What is Kate Siegel’s fan mail address?

You can write to Kate Siegel via Stride Management at:
Stride Management
8820 Wilshire Blvd.
Suite 210
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

What is Kate Siegel’s phone number?

While Kate Siegel’s personal phone number is not public information, you can reach her manager by phone through Stride Management at +1 323-266-9110 or +1 323-210-3406.

What is Kate Siegel’s email address?

While Kate Siegel’s personal email address is not public information, you can reach her publicist by email through Bespoke Publicity at or directly to her publicists Kelli M. Jones at and Teal Cannaday at

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