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The SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes send shockwaves through the convention landscape, causing disruptions and prompting necessary adaptations.

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The Strike's Reach: Convention-Goers Worried

Strike-related restrictions alter autograph sessions, with actors advised to refrain from signing items featuring characters or quotes from struck works.

Autograph Signings Amidst the Strike

Actors maintain the freedom to sign fans' photos and memorabilia while avoiding any references to struck projects, ensuring compliance with strike guidelines.

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Adapting Autograph Etiquette

Actors can sign headshots or similar photos during autograph sessions at conventions.

Autograph Signings at Conventions

However, actors can not sign photos that depict them as a character from a struck work, unless the photo is provided by a fan.

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Autograph Signings at Conventions

Panel discussions and Q&As undergo significant changes due to the strike, with actors, organizers, and moderators carefully navigating limitations on struck work discussions.

The Evolution of Q&As and Panels

In compliance with the strike, panel discussions and Q&As shift focus to broader topics like the acting process, career motivations, and industry experiences.

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Restricted Dialogues, Expanded Horizons

The strike's impact on conventions prompts mixed reactions from fans, adjusting to altered panel dynamics and seeking alternative avenues for engagement.

Fans React to Strike-Induced Changes

Convention organizers adapt programming to accommodate strike-related limitations, offering diverse experiences beyond traditional panel discussions.

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Programming Amidst Labor Disputes

Despite the strike, fans continue to attend conventions, adapting to the changes and finding enjoyment in other convention offerings.

Fans' Resilience

Prominent performers express solidarity with SAG-AFTRA and the WGA, standing united in their pursuit of equitable working conditions and fair treatment.

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Celebrities in Support of the Strike

Hollywood's production grinds to a temporary halt as the combined force of SAG-AFTRA and the WGA strikes brings major studios to a negotiation impasse.

Industry at a Standstill

Stay informed about the ongoing negotiations between the unions and major studios, with hopes of reaching a mutually beneficial resolution to the strike.

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Negotiating for Resolution

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