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Maisie Williams, Freddie Highmore Star in True Crime Film Sinner v. Saints

Maisie Williams and Freddie Highmore are set to star in a new true crime film being produced by Prime Video. The movie is set in 1970s L.A. and London. It’s based on the extraordinary real-life scandal that made headlines worldwide, involving an eccentric MENSA beauty queen who goes to extreme lengths to stop the Mormon church from stealing her sexual obsession: a nebbish Mormon missionary. The film will begin shooting in the first quarter of 2023 in the US and UK.

“Sinner v. Saints” Cast and Crew

“Sinner v. Saints” will be the debut screenplay by writer Jill Hoppe. Director Tim Kirkby is probably best know for his directorial work on series like Fleabag (2016) and Veep (2013–2014).

PRODUCER: Mark Williams – Andriana Williams

WRITER: Jill Hoppe

DIRECTOR: Tim Kirkby

CAST: Maisie Williams – Freddie Highmore 

Manacled Mormon Case that Inspired “Sinner v. Saints”

The Manacled Mormon Case is a strange tale that involves two Americans in England: beauty queen Joyce McKinney and a young American Mormon missionary, Kirk Anderson. McKinney was accused of handcuffing Anderson to a bed, hence where the “manacled” part of the case’s name comes from. McKinney then sexually assaulted her victim, but was eventually apprehended by British authorities for the crime.

However, she was allowed release on bail which gave her the opportunity to flee to the United States. Once back home, McKinney was able to evade extradition and never faced trial for her alleged crimes. She did however, continue to have run-ins with the law throughout her life and was even responsible for killing a 91-year-old Holocaust survivor in a hit and run crash in 2019.

“Sinner v. Saints” Production Studios

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