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Fan Mail and Autograph Request [Basics]

Learn the basics of fan mail and through the mail (TTM) autograph collecting. Follow Tales From The Collection to get the best tips and tricks for getting in touch with your favorite celebrities. We’ll teach you everything that you need to know to get responses from a-list celebrates like Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, Penelope Cruz, and more!

Stories: Where Celebrities Meet Fans

Read about the incredible experiences that fans have had meeting and interacting with celebrities, authors, artists, video game creators, and other public figures. The responses to fan mail will blow you away and the generosity of some who provide heartfelt letters and autographs will have you rushing to write your favorite celebrities.

Autograph Successes & Fan Mail Responses

There’s nothing better in the fan mail and TTM autograph collecting hobby than getting a response! Check out the kinds of autographs and responses that you can expect to get as a collector. Follow us for regular updates on real successes that are being received from some of today’s hottest celebrities.

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