even the top celebrity that responds to fan mail can stop signing 


Henry Winkler Stops signing after decades of fan mail

Magic The Gathering Illustrator

Kipling West was one of they many MTG artists known to sign cards through the mail

Rests His Pen

Tired of find signed cards  on ebay

Kipling Sends a Message to Autograph Seekers

Star Trek/The X-Files Actor Michael Berryman lets a fan know that he will no longer be signing autographs through the mail.

Bak'n with Em

Kim Basinger

succumbs to a flood of fan mail

Back to the Future Director

Bob Gale

Decides only to sign through private events

Star Wars Sculptor  Tony McVey Stops signing after ebay flooded with his autographs

U.S. Presidential signatures are among the most sought after political autographs. Due to the overwhelming demand, President Jimmy Carter had to call it quits when it came to signing autographs through the mail.

President Carter

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