Top 25 Celebrities That Respond to Fan Mail [Ranked by SCF]

Which Celebrities Respond to Fan Mail?

Have you ever wanted to send fan mail to your favorite celebrity or even request an autograph? Writing fan mail and requesting autographs from celebrities through the mail (TTM) is an increasingly popular hobby. According to our recent analysis, users of a leading fan mail site reported on average 113 successes per day. It’s shocking how many celebrities are willing to respond to fan mail and sign autographs for their fans. According to Sports Card Forum, these are the top 25 celebrities that respond to fan mail and requests to sign autographs TTM.

Top Celebrity Signers [#25-#21]

Jonathan Banks (Breaking Bad) ranks #24 on SCF’s list of top TTM signers.

Jonathan Banks is known for the cold-blooded hit man he played on Breaking Bad. Don’t let his memorable performance fool you though. He is an excellent signer, often taking only a few weeks to respond to fan mail. It should be noted that he does dedicated everything he signs so if the intended recipient is not the requester, make sure you include their name!

[Jonathan Banks] signed two of my Breaking Bad Trading cards and he also wrote me back a letter.SCF member Tan-da-Man
RankNameResponsesSuccess Rate
25Guy Fieri594%
24Jonathan Banks595%
23Chris Christie590%
22M. Emmet Walsh5100%
21Joyce Randolph6100%

Top Celebrity Signers [#20-#16]

Jason Alexander (Seinfeld) ranks #20 on SCF’s list of top TTM signers.

Jason Alexander is one of the most generous signers out there. He recently donated a hand signed original script from the Seinfeld episode “The Parking Lot”. Read more in our post Nine Amazing Celebrity Responses to Fan Mail.

I sent a baseball received it back with the inscription “G. Costanza Asst. Trav. Sec. NY Yankees”.

SCF member dodgerbobble
RankNameResponsesSuccess Rate
20Jason Alexander690%
19Joey Chestnut6100%
18Krist Novoselic694%
17Hank Williams Jr.698%
16Jack Hanna691%

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Top Celebrity Signers [#15-#11]

Kevin Bacon ranks #14 on SCF’s list of top TTM signers.

The Footloose actor is another celebrity know for his incredible responsiveness to fans. Not only does Kevin Bacon happily sign photos for fans but his response time is lightning fast! Many fans have received their items back signed in just over a week.

Freaking Awesome Return!

SCF member Calebssportscards
RankNameResponsesSuccess Rate
15Jaclyn Smith6100%
14Kevin Bacon796%
13Doug Ducey7100%
12Charlie Baker792%
11Sarah McLachlan8100%

Top Celebrity Signers [#10-#6]

Leah Remini (The King of Queens) ranks #8 on SCF’s list of top TTM signers.

Leah Remini of King of Queens is a long-time fan favorite signer. Fans can usually expect a response from her within a month or two. Be sure to also let her know who the autograph will be for as she tends to dedicate everything she signs.

She signed a photo and note card. Thank you Leah!

SCF member KnucksieCollector
RankNameResponsesSuccess Rate
10Bob Newhart990%
9Tommy Chong9100%
8Leah Remini9100%
7Ken Jennings1097%
6Peyton Manning1087%
Through The Mail Autograph Collecting & Fan Mail [Complete Guide]

Top Celebrity Signers [#5-#1]

Tim Allen ranks #5 on SCF’s list of top TTM signers.

Tim Allen, known for his roles in Toy Story, Home Improvement, and The Santa Clause is a fan favorite when it comes to TTM autograph collectors. He has made a lot of happy fans over the years by proving to be a reliable signer.

Got my 8×10 signed of Buzz Lightyear. Very cool! Thanks, Mr. Allen!

SCF member  thecgriffin
RankNameResponsesSuccess Rate
5Tim Allen1199%
4Mark Harmon1198%
3Colin Powell1497%
2Ron Ferdinand13100%
1Henry Winkler1697%

UPDATE: This list was updated on 11 September 2021, following the passing of Ed Asner who previously occupied the #3 position.

Where can you find addresses for fan mail?

There are a number of ways to find fan mail addresses for celebrities, actors, authors, artists, and more. A good place to start would be to google their name + “agency” to find out which agency represents them. Then it’s as simple as going to that agency’s contact page to find their mailing address. Write your letter to the celebrity and send it to their agency for forwarding. If they have a personal site, that would be a good place to check as well. For a comprehensive guide on where to find addresses, check out Tales From The Collection.

Is writing fan mail a good hobby for kids and teens?

Writing fan mail and collecting autographs through the mail (TTM) is a great hobby for kids and teens. The hobby gets kids excited to write because they are writing about what interests them most. For example, if a kid likes video games, they can write to the game studio that developed their favorite game. They will love getting a reply back on official letterhead and they may even be lucky enough to get some free swag as well. Be sure to check out the complete guide on writing fan mail to guarantee the greatest chance of success.

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