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Filming Locations

Krysten Ritter, Elizabeth Olsen, and Cast Head to Texas

September 2021


The volleyball scenes were filmed in Austin during the first week of production. They depicted Betty Montgomery and Allan Gore’s initial encounter which is known to have happened at a church volleyball game.






Filming for Love and Death began on September 27th. However, production for the show did not begin at the Christ Lutheran Church that was previously scouted in Austin by Glatter. It ultimately wasn't chosen for filming. Rather, filming began at the Hutto Lutheran Church and lasted there until October 1st.


Quiet on Set!

9304 Queenswood Dr Austin


An HBO film crew descended on a sleepy neighborhood in the Texas' Capitol. Filming for Love and Death took place on Austin’s Queenswood Drive from December 6th through December 10th 2021.

Inn of the Hills, Kerrville

Behind the scenes:

Director Lesli Linka Glatter

San Marcos

University inn

Much of the filming for Love and Death was conducted on a soundstage where homes and other sets were built indoors. Period specific props and set dressing make everything look like a neighborhood plucked right out of the 70's.


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Kyle, TX Soundstage

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