Signature Styles

The way an autograph looks can be dependent on a number of factors. Certainly though, time is one of the biggest variables as signatures tend to change more dramatically as the years pass.

Variations In

Environmental Variables

Signature styles change from year to year, and even day to day. But it's not only time that has an effect on the way an autograph looks. It also has a lot to do with place.

Private Signings vs. Street-Graphs

Where a celebrity is signing autographs has a big effect on the style and quality of a signature. If they are standing up and signing for fans on the street, it will likely be shorter and sloppier than an autograph signed at a private signing where they can sit and take their time.

Signatures Change with Age

Taking a look at how child stars first begin to sign their names gives us a unique look at how autographs can grow along with them.

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