Upcoming Celebrity Autograph Signings 2023

In the whirlwind of 2023, the entertainment world witnessed a remarkable surge in celebrity autograph signings, offering avid fans and collectors unprecedented opportunities to connect with their favorite stars. From Hollywood icons to anime legends, the year was brimming with exclusive mail-in autograph services and virtual meet-and-greet sessions.

Fans eagerly seized the chance to obtain personalized mementos and cherished keepsakes from renowned actors, voice artists, and cultural icons. As the year unfolded, an impressive lineup of celebrities partook in these highly anticipated events, making 2023 an extraordinary chapter for celebrity autograph enthusiasts worldwide.

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Upcoming Signings

Streamily Signings & Events


Streamily is a live autograph signing service. When you order from them, you have a chance to see your autograph signed on a live stream. It’s more than a recording though, you can interact with the talent via a chat room. It’s a convention-like experience all from the comfort of home. To learn more, read our full review.

Hot Signings From Streamily

Hot Signings From Streamily

Ashley Eckstein
Ashley Eckstein
Order on Streamily
Michael J. Fox
Michael J. Fox
Order on Streamily
Chevy Chase
Chevy Chase
Order on Streamily
Danny Trejo
Danny Trejo
Order on Streamily
Shameik Moore
Shameik Moore
Order on Streamily

August 10 Autograph Signings

ActorKnown For
Piotr MichaelJason Hudson / Call of Duty
Emily CramerBloom / Winx Club
Branden LoeraRyou Igarashi / I Got A Cheat Skill In Another World
Neil NewbonHeisenberg / Resident Evil Village
Nicholas LeungDan Heng / Honkai Star Rail
Allanah FitzgeraldCyn / Murder Drones
Suzie YeungEula / Genshin Impact
Brandon McInnisGyutaro / Demon Slayer
Harvey GuillénGuillermo / What We Do In The Shadows
Nadji JeterMiles Morales / Spider-Man
Ian SinclairBrook / One Piece
Zachary LeviShazam / Shazam! Fury of the Gods
Leslie David BakerStanley / The Office
Anson MountBlack Bolt / Inhumans
Kate FlanneryMeredith / The Office
Ethan PeckSpock / Star Trek: Discovery
Kellen GoffGlamrock Freddy / Five Nights at Freddy’s
Hayden ChristensenAnakin Skywalker / Star Wars
Gwendoline ChristieBrienne of Tarth / Game of Thrones
Vincent D’OnofrioKingpin / Daredevil
Ashley EcksteinAhsoka / Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Charlie CoxDaredevil / Daredevil
Zach AguilarTanjiro / Demon Slayer
Lana ParrillaThe Evil Queen / Once Upon a Time
Chevy ChaseClark Griswold / National Lampoon’s Vacation
Gates McFaddenBeverly Crusher / Star Trek
William ZabkaJohnny Lawrence / Karate Kid/Cobra Kai
Ralph MacchioDaniel Larusso / Karate Kid/Cobra Kai
Anthony Michael HallBrian / The Breakfast Club
Dana BarronAudrey / National Lampoon’s Vacation
Christie BrinkleyGirl in the Ferrari / National Lampoon’s Vacation
Todd StashwickLiam Shaw / Star Trek
Danny TrejoMachete / Machete
Peter CullenOptimus Prime / Transformers
Ryan Colt LevyDenji / Chainsaw Man
Shameik MooreMiles Morales / Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse
Kathleen HerlesDora / Dora the Explorer
J. Michael TatumTenya / My Hero Academia
Jodi BensonAriel / The Little Mermaid
Paul Walter HauserStingray / Cobra Kai
James Arnold TaylorObi-Wan Kenobi / Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Matt LanterAnakin Skywalker / Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Brian BaumgartnerKevin / The Office
Alexis TiptonMei Hatsume / My Hero Academia
Jason LeeTwilight of the Mallrats
Fred TatascioreSoldier 76 / Overwatch
Yuji OkumotoChozen / Cobra Kai/Karate Kid
Elizabeth GrullonCamilla Noceda / The Owl House

August 11 Autograph Signings

ActorKnown For
AJ LoCascioPrince Lotor / Voltron: Legendary Defender
Samuel RoukinGhost / Call of Duty
Walter VitolaHoratio / Lackadaisy

August 12 Autograph Signings

ActorKnown For
Amanda Achen
Lindsay WagnerJaime Sommers / The Bionic Woman
Jessica StrausJuri Han / Street Fighter
Sandra SaadMs. Marvel / Marvel’s Avengers/ Spidey and His Amazing Friends
Christina RicciWednesday Addams / Addams Family
Dawn M. BennettKale, Kefla (Kale half) / Dragon Ball
Justin DoranDaichi Sawamura / Haikyū!!

August 13 Autograph Signings

ActorKnown For
Thomas Ian NicholasHenry Rowengartner / Rookie of the Year

August 14 Autograph Signings

ActorKnown For
Graham McTavishDougal MacKenzie / Outlander

August 15 Autograph Signings

ActorKnown For
Mars LipowskiGromsko / Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II
Lucie PohlMercy / Overwatch
Linda YoungFrieza, Baba, Genkai, Porylusica / Dragon Ball Z, Yu Yu Hakusho, Fairy Tail
Benjamin CallinsTerry / The Dragon Prince
Cynthia CranzChi-Chi / Dragon Ball Z
Bradley GarethWick / Lackadaisy
Marisa DuranHori / Horimiya

August 18 Autograph Signings

ActorKnown For
Teddy SearsZoom / Flash
Wendy & Richard PiniElfQuest
Chris Jai AlexCall of Duty / Mace
Heather GonzalezCocolia Rand / Honkai: Star Rail

August 19 Autograph Signings

ActorKnown For
Roger ClarkArthur Morgan / Red Dead Redemption II
Marin M. MillerNimbus / Destiny 2
Jeff LeachGhost / Call Of Duty
George NewbernSephiroth / Final Fantasy
Ben BalmacedaTenza / Hell’s Paradise
Larry BrantleySpinner / My Hero Academia
Amber Lee ConnorsPieck / Attack on Titan

August 20 Autograph Signings

ActorKnown For
Su Ling ChanBailu / Honkai Star Rail

August 22 Autograph Signings

ActorKnown For
Vexoria the Sun Eater

August 23 Autograph Signings

ActorKnown For
Alexander VlahosAllan Christie, Philippe d’Orleans, Char / Outlander, Versailles, Sanditon, Merlin
Jason Charles MillerMuspell / Fire-Emblem-Heroes

August 24 Autograph Signings

ActorKnown For
Julie NathansonCall of Duty

August 25 Autograph Signings

ActorKnown For
Alicyn PackardRoze / Call of Duty
Nick MartineauHorangi / Call of Duty
Faruq TauheedHutch / Call of Duty
Molly ZhangSeele / Honkai: Star Rail

August 26 Autograph Signings

ActorKnown For
Robert CraigheadBrok / God of War: Ragnarok
Meli GrantCatalyst / Apex Legends
Belsheber RusapeFreckle / Lackadaisy
Philip ShahbazAltair / Assassin’s Creed
Michelle CreberMy Little Pony (MLP) | Apple Bloom

August 27 Autograph Signings

ActorKnown For
Lex LangDr. Neo Cortex / Suguru Geto / Crash Bandicoot / Jujutsu Kaisen 0

August 29 Autograph Signings

ActorKnown For
Jewel StaiteKaylee Frye / Firefly
Jill HarrisCharlie / Hazbin Hotel

August 30 Autograph Signings

ActorKnown For
Nick CreeganThe Joker / Batwoman
Sara SecoraDunyarzad / Genshin Impact
Robin Atkin DownesKaz, Travis, Medic, Nefarious, Spider, / Team Fortress 2
Kieran ReganShikanoin Heizou / Genshin Impact
Dana DeLorenzoKelly Maxwell / Ash Vs Evil Dead

August 31 Autograph Signings

ActorKnown For
Barry SloaneCaptain Price / Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
Gianni MatragranoGabriel / ULTRAKILL
Arienne MandiDani Núñez / The L Word

September 2 Autograph Signings

ActorKnown For
Crispin FreemanWinston, Itachi / Overwatch, Naruto
Dad (Nathan Barnatt)

September 3 Autograph Signings

ActorKnown For
Cortney PalmZoe / Zombeavers

September 4 Autograph Signings

ActorKnown For
Tasya TelesEcho / The 100
Bob MorleyBellamy Blake / The 100
Eliza TaylorClarke Griffin / The 100
Luisa d’OliveiraEmori / The 100

September 5 Autograph Signings

ActorKnown For
Chad Michael CollinsAlex / Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
Jeff TeravainenSam Fisher/Zero / Rainbow Six: Siege
Martin CoppingLucas Riggs / Call of Duty: Vanguard

September 6 Autograph Signings

ActorKnown For
Julie BenzDarla / Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Trina McGeeAngela Moore / Boy Meets World
Marcello ThedfordCornelius Bates / Dangerous Minds

Galaxy Con Signings & Events

GalaxyCon Logo

GalaxyCon is a multi-genre entertainment convention that celebrates the worlds of film, television, comics, music, and gaming. It offers fans the opportunity to meet celebrities, participate in Q&A sessions, and enjoy a wide range of events and attractions. From cosplay contests to workshops with industry professionals, GalaxyCon provides a comprehensive and immersive experience for enthusiasts of all things pop culture.

EventOrders Due
Jared Leto Private SigningEarly 2023
Benedict Cumberbatch Private SigningTBD
Christian Slater Mail-In Autograph ServiceSummer 2023
Sarah Michelle Gellar Mail-In Autograph ServiceFall 2023
Susanne Blakeslee Mail-In Autograph ServiceFall 2023
Lynda Carter Mail-In Autograph ServiceLate 2023
Virtual Meet and Greet with Tim CurryAugust 12th at 2pm ET
Andy Serkis Mail-In Autograph ServiceAugust 17th
David Boreanaz Mail-In Autograph ServiceAugust 17th
Mike Tyson Mail-In Autograph ServiceAugust 17th
Charlie Cox & Vincent D’Onofrio Mail-In Autograph ServiceAugust 17th
Sci-Fi Stars Mail-In Autograph ServiceAugust 17th
Giancarlo Esposito Mail-In Autograph ServiceAugust 17th
Krysten Ritter Mail-In Autograph ServiceAugust 17th
Stephen Amell & Emily Bett Rickards Mail-In Autograph ServiceAugust 17th
Ming-Na Wen Mail-In Autograph ServiceAugust 17th
Colin O’Donoghue Mail-In Autograph ServiceAugust 17th
Harvey Guillén Mail-In Autograph ServiceAugust 17th
Brec Bassinger Mail-In Autograph ServiceAugust 17th
90’s Stars Mail-In Autograph ServiceAugust 17th
Star Wars: The Clone Wars Mail-In Autograph ServiceAugust 17th
My Hero Academia Mail-In Autograph ServiceAugust 17th
Austin St. John Mail-In Autograph ServiceAugust 17th
Steve Whitmire Mail-In Autograph ServiceAugust 17th
Tara Strong Mail-In Autograph ServiceAugust 17th
Jodi Benson Mail-In Autograph ServiceAugust 17th
Charles Martinet Mail-In Autograph ServiceAugust 17th
Chris Sarandon & Ken Page Mail-In Autograph ServiceAugust 17th
Nadji Jeter Mail-In Autograph ServiceAugust 17th
John Wesley Shipp Mail-In Autograph ServiceAugust 17th
Death Note Mail-In Autograph ServiceAugust 17th
Chainsaw Man Mail-In Autograph ServiceAugust 17th
Sonic The Hedgehog Mail-In Autograph ServiceAugust 17th
Patricia Summersett Mail-In Autograph ServiceAugust 17th
Sarah Natochenny Mail-In Autograph ServiceAugust 17th
Steve Burns Mail-In Autograph ServiceAugust 17th
Cristina Vee Mail-In Autograph ServiceAugust 17th
Zach Aguilar Mail-In Autograph ServiceAugust 17th
Aleks Le Mail-In Autograph ServiceAugust 17th
Abby Trott Mail-In Autograph ServiceAugust 17th

SWAU Signings

Star Wars Autograph Universe

SWAU offers a variety of services including autograph verification, private signings, and special offerings for VIP members. They have worked with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry.

Guest NameEventPrice
Chris Evans$275.00
Ewan McGregor$250.00
Taika Waititi$175.00
Tim CurryNYCC 2023$160.00
John CarpenterNYCC 2023$160.00
Zachary LeviNYCC 2023$160.00
Ashley EcksteinNYCC 2023$160.00
Andy Serkis$140.00
Jodie WhittakerNYCC 2023$140.00
David TennantNYCC 2023$140.00
Matt SmithNYCC 2023$140.00
Peter CapaldiNYCC 2023$140.00
Christopher EcclestonNYCC 2023$140.00
Sylvester McCoyNYCC 2023$140.00
Colin BakerNYCC 2023$140.00
Peter DavisonNYCC 2023$140.00
Tom BakerNYCC 2023$140.00
Jon PertweeNYCC 2023$140.00
Patrick TroughtonNYCC 2023$140.00
William HartnellNYCC 2023$140.00
Marisha RayNYCC 2023$70.00
Matthew MercerNYCC 2023$70.00
Liam O’BrienNYCC 2023$70.00
Laura BaileyNYCC 2023$70.00
Ashley JohnsonNYCC 2023$70.00
Jamie HayterNYCC 2023$70.00
Kathy NajimyNYCC 2023$70.00
Simon KassianidesNYCC 2023$70.00
Matthew MaherNYCC 2023$70.00
Jess HarnellNYCC 2023$70.00
Tress MacNeillNYCC 2023$70.00
Rob PaulsenNYCC 2023$70.00
Maurice LaMarcheNYCC 2023$70.00
Adam McArthurNYCC 2023$70.00
Kaiji TangNYCC 2023$70.00
Anne YatcoNYCC 2023$70.00
Diane GuerreroNYCC 2023$70.00
Vico OrtizNYCC 2023$70.00
Con O’NeillNYCC 2023$70.00
Kristian NairnNYCC 2023$70.00
Nathan FoadNYCC 2023$70.00
Sean GunnNYCC 2023$60.00
Aaron DismukeNYCC 2023$55.00
Sarah WiedenheftNYCC 2023$55.00
Ryan Colt LevyNYCC 2023$55.00
Reagan MurdockNYCC 2023$55.00

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