Stranger Things Actor Maya Hawke to Star in Netflix’s New Film “Maestro”

Production Update

“Maestro” is a biopic about Leonard Bernstein (played by Bradley Cooper) the legendary conductor and composer who is behind the scores for West Side Story and On the Waterfront. The drama that spans over 30 years in telling the beautifully complex story of the marriage between Bernstein and Chilean-born actress Montealegre. Bernstein’s colorful life included making a memorable conducting debut at the New York Philharmonic at 25 when the conductor took ill; without even rehearsing, Bernstein did so well his star was launched the next day when his feat made the front page of the New York Times. He was blacklisted before being cleared of being a communist just before he composed the Oscar-nominated score for On the Waterfront; and he was an activist in the civil rights movement, and outspoken on issues including ending the Vietnam War.

Filming for the new Netflix movie  is set to begin in Tanglewood, Massachusetts between 21 and 26 May. The production will then pick up again in September when it moves to Italy. Filming is also slated to occur in New York and London, but dates are as of yet TBD. 

“Maestro” Cast and Crew

Bradley Cooper has not only been cast to star as renowned composer Leonard Bernstein, the Netflix film’s titular Maestro, but will be writing and directing the film. Meanwhile, Stranger Things actress Maya Hawke is returning to the streaming service’s fold for the new high budget movie.

PRODUCER: Martin Scorsese – Steven Spielberg – Todd Phillips – Kristie Macosko Krieger – Emma Tillinger Koskoff – Fred Berner – Amy Durning

WRITER: Bradley Cooper – Josh Singer

DIRECTOR: Bradley Cooper

LP: Carla Raij

PC: Mike Hall

CAST: Bradley Cooper – Carey Mulligan – Matt Bomer – Jeremy Strong – Maya Hawke 

“Maestro” Casting Call

If you are interested in getting a job on the “Maestro” crew for the rare opportunity to make movie magic the Spielberg way, send your resume to Sikelia Productions at [email protected]. Otherwise, those interested in securing an acting role on “Maestro” can reach out to casting directors Shayna Markowitz and Grant Wilfley at [email protected]. For more information visit Grant Wilfley Casting, Inc who is currently also casting for the following projects: The Gilded Age – [email protected], Gossip Girl – [email protected], Leave the World Behind – [email protected]. Manifest – [email protected], The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel – [email protected], Retreat – [email protected], Three Women – [email protected].

“Maestro” Production Studios

110 W. 57th St.
New York, NY 10019
EMAIL:  [email protected]
PHONE: 212-906-8800

4000 Warner Boulevard, Building 90
Burbank, CA 91522
PHONE: 818-954-3210
EMAIL: [email protected]

500 5th Ave., 43rd Floor
New York, NY 10110
PHONE: 516-429-5357
EMAIL: [email protected]

100 Universal City Plaza Building 5121
Universal City CA 91608
PHONE: 818-733-7000
EMAIL: [email protected]

5800 Sunset Boulevard, 12th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90025
PHONE: 310-734-2900
EMAIL: [email protected]

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