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Sarah Snook’s exceptional acting range, fearlessness in tackling diverse roles, and genuine connection with audiences have made her stand out in the entertainment industry. Her performances, whether on stage or screen, exude a magnetic charisma that draws viewers in, while her commitment to exploring complex and multidimensional characters has cemented her reputation as a truly gifted artist.

This unique combination of attributes has naturally garnered widespread admiration and appreciation from fans and critics alike.

Sarah Snook has captured the attention of many, including businesses, charities, and devoted fans. If you’re one of the many individuals looking to get in touch with her, you’re in luck! We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the most current and reliable addresses, emails, and phone numbers available, enabling you to connect with Sarah Snook directly or through her representatives with ease.

Sarah Snook Contact Information Quick Reference

Sarah Snook
Photo of Sarah Snook
Ben King | © 2014 – Signature Entertainment
Sarah Snook is an Australian actress, known for her exceptional range and talent on screen. She has received critical acclaim for her performances in “Predestination,” “Steve Jobs,” and “Succession.”
Born: July 28, 1987
Birthplace: Adelaide, Australia
Represented by: Shanahan Management
PO Box 1509
Darlinghurst NSW, 1300 Australia
Phone: +61 2 8202 1800
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How to Contact Sarah Snook

Still of Sarah Snook in Succession
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Connecting with your favorite celebrities, athletes, and public figures is a common practice for many people. Whether it’s to request donations for a charitable cause, explore new business opportunities, or simply express your admiration and support, fan mail remains a popular means of reaching out to those in the public eye.

As Sarah Snook’s star continues to rise, it’s no surprise that the talented actress receives an abundance of messages and well-wishes from her dedicated fans. Snook is known to respond to fan mail! To make the process of writing to her easier, you can use a simple fan mail template or even generate a letter with the help of AI.

We’ve compiled a list of addresses below that you can use to try and get in touch with Sarah Snook directly or through her representatives. Give it your best shot, and good luck!

Talent AgentTalent Agent (Commercial)
United Talent Agency (UTA)
UTA Plaza
9336 Civic Center Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
+1 310 273 6700 phone
+1 310 247 1111 fax

Billy Lazarus
Houston Costa
Scott Schachter
United Talent Agency (UTA)
UTA Plaza
9336 Civic Center Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
+1 310 273 6700 phone
+1 310 247 1111 fax

Brett Duchon
Talent AgentManager
Shanahan Management
PO Box 1509
Darlinghurst, NSW 1300
+61 2 8202 1800 phone
+61 2 8202 1801 fax
Omni Artists
6121 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028
+1 323 337 1166 phone

Jennifer Rawlings
3233371166 phone

More Ways to Contact Sarah Snook

Still of Sarah Snook in Jessabelle
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If you’re looking for additional ways to contact Sarah Snook beyond what’s been provided, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! One effective method is to get in touch with the following representatives.

By reaching out to her representatives, you may be able to secure a more direct line of communication with the Steve Jobs actress. So, don’t hesitate to give it a try. Use the resources provided below to reach out to Sarah Snook’s team and see if they can assist you in your efforts to contact her.

Carrera Press Agency
10A Watson St
Sydney, NSW 2021

Jessica Carrera
+614 50 545 694 phone
214 W 29th Street
3rd Floor
New York, NY 10001
+1 347-778-5832 phone

Heidi Lopata
15260 Ventura Blvd
Suite 900
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
+1 424-320-8025 phone

DM Sarah Snook on Social Media

Not Suitable For Children
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For many fans, direct messaging on social media has become a preferred way of communicating with their favorite celebrities. If you’re more comfortable with DMing than sending a letter or making a phone call, then you might want to consider reaching out to Sarah Snook through her official social media accounts.

Many celebrities have been known to respond to DMs from fans, making this a viable strategy for getting in touch with them. By reaching out to Snook through her social media channels, you may be able to establish a more personal connection and potentially receive a response from the actress herself.

To get started, check out the list of Sarah Snook’s official social media accounts below. Try sending her a direct message or tagging her in a post and see if she responds. Good luck!


About Sarah Snook

Sarah Snook is an accomplished Australian actress known for her versatility and dynamic performances on both stage and screen. Born on December 28, 1987, in Adelaide, South Australia, Sarah attended the prestigious National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) in Sydney, graduating in 2008. She quickly gained recognition for her talent and dedication to her craft, earning accolades for her work across various mediums.

Snook’s breakthrough role came in 2012 with the Australian film “Not Suitable for Children,” which garnered her a nomination for the AACTA Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role. However, it was her mesmerizing performance as a time-traveling assassin in the 2014 sci-fi thriller “Predestination” that catapulted her to international fame. Snook’s portrayal of multiple characters in the film showcased her extraordinary range and earned her several awards and nominations, including an AACTA Award for Best Actress.

Sarah continued to impress critics and audiences alike with her performances in films such as “Steve Jobs” (2015), “The Dressmaker” (2015), and “The Glass Castle” (2017). In addition to her film career, Snook has excelled on television, notably starring as Shiv Roy in the critically acclaimed HBO drama series “Succession.” Premiering in 2018, the show has earned multiple awards and nominations, with Snook receiving praise for her portrayal of the ambitious and complex character.

Despite her success on screen, Snook remains connected to her theatrical roots, having performed in numerous stage productions, including “King Lear” and “Saint Joan.” Her commitment to exploring diverse roles and pushing her own boundaries as an artist has earned her a reputation as one of the most promising and captivating actresses of her generation.

With a career that continues to flourish, Sarah Snook has demonstrated her unwavering dedication to her craft and her ability to captivate audiences with her powerful performances. As she takes on new and challenging roles, her star continues to rise, solidifying her place as one of the most talented and respected actresses working today.


Who is Sarah Snook’s manager?

Sarah Snook’s manager is Jennifer Rawlings of Omni Artists.

What is Sarah Snook’s fan mail address?

You can write to Sarah Snook via United Talent Agency (UTA) at:
UTA Plaza
9336 Civic Center Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

What is Sarah Snook’s phone number?

While Sarah Snook’s personal phone number is not public information, you can reach her by phone through United Talent Agency (UTA) at +1 310 273 670.

What is Sarah Snook’s email address?

While Sarah Snook’s personal email address is not public information, you can reach her by phone through Shanahan Management at

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