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Contact Keanu Reeves [Address, Email, Phone, DM, and Fan Mail]

If there is one movie star that has become synonymous with being down-to-earth and great with their fans, it’s Keanu Reeves. He’s a man who is happy to stop and take a selfie with a random fan on the street or wave at passers-by from the saddle of one of his custom motorcycles.

Despite his undeniably friendly nature and love for fans, he has a mixed history when it comes to answering fan mail and signing autographs through the mail (TTM).  Therefore, the following addresses, emails, and phone numbers have been compiled in an effort to give fans the best and most up-to-date resources for contacting Keanu Reeves directly or through his representatives.

Keanu Reeves Contact Info Quick Reference

Keanu Reeves

Actor, Producer, Musician
Keanu Reeves is a highly respected actor, known for his versatile roles in genres ranging from action to science fiction. He has garnered numerous awards and is also a musician. His iconic roles and dedication to his craft have solidified his status in the entertainment industry.
Agency: Rogers & Cowan/PMK
Representative: Cheryl Maisel
1840 Century Park East
18th Floor

Los Angeles, CA 90067, USA
Keanu Reeves's Autograph

Keanu Reeves Fan Mail Responses

Keanu Reeves read a letter

When it comes to actually responding to fan mail, Keanu Reeves has proven to be quite elusive, so getting a response from the Matrix actor is no small feat. According to user feedback on the fan mail site Star Tiger, his last known response was recorded in 2009. That lucky fan received two 8×10 photos signed by Reeves himself after writing to him while on a movie set (known as via venue).

In fact, Reeves has a long history of only signing autographs through the mail (TTM) via venue so that is the recommended approach for sending him fan mail. Via venue addresses tend to be temporary, but they are often not difficult to find. All the resources you need to find addresses can be found in the fan mail address guide.

If you’re having difficulty expressing yourself, you can use our fan mail template to get started or generate one with AI

Talent Agency [Address, Phone Number, & Contact Info]


When sending fan mail or requesting autographs TTM, typically the first place you should write to is the celebrity’s agency. Among their many other duties, handling fan mail is one of an agent’s many responsibilities to their client. Typically fan mail is received by the agency and then forwarded to the celebrity to protect their privacy and make the logistics of responding to fan mail easier. It’s a labor-intensive process that hardly any celebrities or public figures are able to handle on their own.

Once fan mail reaches an agency’s office, it may or not be screened before it is forwarded. Listed below is the contact information for Keanu Reeves ‘ agency William Morris Endeavor (WME) Entertainment including the names of the WME agents who represent him there.

Talent AgencyCommercial Talent Agency
William Morris Endeavor (WME) Entertainment
9601 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Tel: +1 310 285 9000
WME Representatives:
Chris Fioto
Keith Sarkisian
Patrick Whitesell
Philip Raskind
Roger Green
William Morris Endeavor (WME) Entertainment
9601 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Tel: +1 310 285 9000
WME Representative (Commercial):
Rob Koslowsky

Keanu Reeves’ Personal Businesses [Address, Phone Number, & Contact Info]

Actor Keanu Reeves, left, and Gard Hollinger have teamed to create Arch Motorcycle Co., which makes high-performance and very expensive motorcycles in Hawthorne. (Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times)
Actor Keanu Reeves, left, and Gard Hollinger have teamed to create Arch Motorcycle Co., which makes high-performance and very expensive motorcycles in Hawthorne. (Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times)

Not only is Keanu Reeves one of the most recognizable actors in Hollywood, but he is also a successful entrepreneur. He co-founded not one, but two businesses: Arch Motorcycle Company and Company Films. Sending fan mail to these companies is a good way to hopefully get your fan mail passed on to perhaps America’s most beloved actor. 

Arch Motorcycle CompanyCompany Films
3216 W. El Segundo Blvd
Hawthorne CA 90250
2629 Main St. Suite 167
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Additional Ways to Contact Keanu Reeves 

Keanu Reeves Toy Story 4 Premiere Signings Autographs

As previously mentioned, Keanu Reeves is not one of the easiest celebrities to contact, so you may still be looking for additional contact information to try out. Fans who want to get a response from Keanu or request an autograph from him should also try and reach out via his legal representative (Ziffren Brittenham LLP) or manager (Sugar23).

c/o Ziffren Brittenham LLP
1801 Century Park West
Los Angeles, CA 90067
Tel: (310) 552-3388
Fax: (310) 553-7068
641 N Larchmont Blvd, Suite 100
Los Angeles, CA 90004
Tel: 323-987-6000
Meredith Wechter

Fans can also reach out to Reeves’ public relations (PR) manager Rogers & Cowan PMK or by sending a letter to his home address in Los Angeles.  

c/o Rogers & Cowan PMK
1840 Century Park East, 18th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90067-2119
Tel: 310 854 8100
Fax: 310 854 8106
9024 Thrasher Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90069-1242


Who is Keanu Reeves’ Manager?

Keanu Reeves is represented by Chris Fioto of WME.

Where Does Keanu Reeves Live?

Keanu Reeves lives at 9024 Thrasher Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90069-1242.

What are Keanu Reeves Official Social Media Accounts?

Keanu Reeves doesn’t use any social media platforms.

What is Keanu Reeves’ phone number?

While Keanu Reeves’ phone number is not public information, you can contact him via Roger’s & Cowan at 310 854 8100.

63 thoughts on “Contact Keanu Reeves [Address, Email, Phone, DM, and Fan Mail]”

  1. My name is Katherine and I’m looking for an autographed photo to hang in my movie room. I have all of Keanu’s movies and alot of his Brzrkr books. I’ll pay the postage just need an address to get the autograph from .Thank you for your time.

  2. I can’t even imagine Keanu Reeves would let his photos be used by scammers to scam people out of $300.00 for a fan card on Facebook.
    Ed Aton

  3. This is for the real Keanu Reeves, I’m a huge fan of you. I love you! You’re awesome!! I wish I could meet you in person. I hate your imposters. But I really wish you were single, so I could be with you. Sorry for being too forward! Love your movies and characters. I love you!!

  4. I have been friended by several people on Tictok claiming to be Keanu & one states it is his fan club. I can tell they are Nigerian though. I raise Keanu up tp a status above most people for his kindness and being down to earth.

  5. Wanda Lopez Corsa

    I too was fooled by an imposter. I thought, how nice that Mr. Reeves actually will talk to his fans! I am a 67 year young woman and I was so sad the it was not Mr. Reeves. I’m a wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother. We named my grandson Keanu. Very happy we did. Well if Mr. Reeves ever wants to say hi, It would make this old lady very happy, thank you and bless you.

  6. Bonjour, je me suis fait prendre également. Le tout a duré presque 6 semaines…fin mai au 4 juillet 2023. La journée de l’Independance day aux USA. Cette journée-là, M.Reeves (le faux) me demandait de l’argent car il prétextait vouloir me faire une grosse surprise et que financièrement, il était à court. J’ai vivement réagit et celui-ci m’a dit que je lui avais brisé le coeur. À partir de ce moment, nos échanges furent de plus en plus court et il était très indifférent. Je serais curieuse de savoir sur quelle plate-forme vous échangiez!!!!!!

  7. sarah anne lowes

    he is a good guy and does not need is name use that way i have a good feeling that the real keaun reeves is pissed about all of the fakes out there useing his name to get money out of his fans and i am not going to get sick in all of this i just the real reeves well

  8. Yes this happened to me also ! I never use social media bc of this .. would Keanu ever do a FaceTime ? For a split second I had him on that n the call ended .. we communicated for several weeks all I know is it’s fake n think why would a A Lister talk to a normal woman!!! They don’t date or love a ‘normal’ women romantically . So I’m not sure if a MGR needs to know this or not but I want be helpful .. thk you

  9. All I can say it was fun,I knew he wasn’t who he said he was made mention that he had so many photo’s of him self-contained no actor does that keep posting them,some were really good.he also told me I can get a fan card VIP for $350,one for $150.00 I said no can do than he said his agent came down to$50.00.So sad but it was fun for a while.

  10. Hi, my name is Tammy and I’m from Canada. I been talking to a few Keanu Reaves out there, I’ve had a few try to scam me, but I called them out and then they stop talking to me. I would love to talk to the real Keanu Reeves. I big a huge fan of his senses I can remember. And I had my heart broken by the way we talk a promise that were made. I even made a video on tic toc about how people shouldn’t use his name because it’s making a bad name for him and Keanu is a every humble guy and down to earth. Love you Keanu Reeves your number one fan

  11. Connie beltran

    I too was scammed got my hopes up then left me broke I can’t believe people out there would use such a good person’s name it breaks my heart

  12. My favorite actor since a teenager when he first started his career. Thank you for your ever presence in being helpful to others. Being kind is part of my life as I try to share my motto,
    Kindness is free.
    Love you always.

  13. Hi am gonna ask. Do you do Facebook? Because my mom claims to be talking to Keanu Reeves on Facebook. But I don’t know. Since she not really good with technology. Because I caught someone trying to use some one else’s identity to try to scam my mom. And reported to the cops.just wanted to know if it’s really him she’s talking too. Have a happy 4th of July people.

  14. Definitivamente son estafadores. TODOS. He hablado con “varios” y finalmente te piden dinero. El último me aseguró que no se había enamorado de nuevo desde que perdió a su esposa… Me escribía todos los días, durante todo el día! Fue muy bonito, de verdad que si. Hasta que también me pidió dinero para lograr un permiso de su agencia. Alguien debe hacer algo, yo solo puedo hacerlo público. Suerte!

  15. My name is lily Jane Gardner and I have been talking to men who claims to be you but I know that they are not because of what they are asking for I think that you would ask your fan to buy cards or send you money I just want you to know what is going on now

  16. Richard Agholor

    Hello. With a deep sense of appeal to anyone who can help me reach out to Keanu Reeves. I desperately need his help to keep existing as I am a fugitive running from people I am indebted to. I was scammed online in the process of conducting a business and by running far, I have not set eyes on my daughter’s for 8 years. I miss them so so much. I need help from Keanu because I felt and believe he will understand. I have had a dream of sitting down with him and communicating and I just hope I could reach out to him to at least hear me. Nevertheless I wish to thank him for the good things he has done for people in restoring hopes. I can only wish for such now because I am on a verge of giving up. I pray I will survive the next day. I am crying for help.

  17. Are all those games/contests on Facebook supposedly by keanu reeves foundation/dwayne johnson fake also? They tell you that you won a car and they have say 34 more to donate……..

    Thank you

  18. Hi Keanu, My name is Myra. I hope someday that you will have your own Fan Club page, so I actually go to and really found out about you lool. I think that you a wonderful person, and you are down to earth around people. I also like to say that your bikes are so cool lool. I like bikes. I rode on back of one on a BSA Thunderbird . I love your movies

  19. Hi my name is Chrissy, I am being scammed as I am sitting this for $500. And supposedly bought my car.

  20. If you still have information on the scammers report than on FBI cyber fraud hotline .they do investigate these reports if we do this who knows maybe one day they will all get caught

  21. besoin d’aide
    Bonjour. j’espère que tout va pour le mieux .
    je m’appelle hakim , j’ai une petite princesse de 6 ans elle adore jouer courir mais la seule chose qu’elle ne pas faire c’est parler avec moi j’ai envie de la écouter et entendre papa papa maman maman j’ai fait ca et ca j ai besoin de ca et ca mais tout va bien.
    J’ai vraiment peur pour elle et pour son avenir j ai tout fais pour elle radio scanner………………… mais le Dr ORL m’a dit …..
    j’ ai besoin de votre aide, aidez moi SVP aidez la pour qu’elle vive sa vie normale.
    vraiment j’ ai besoin de vous je ne dors pas la nuit je m’inquiète pour elle
    j’habite au Maroc je ferais tout ce qu’il faut pour elle
    si vous avez besoin des documents de Dr ORL ou scanner pour les envoyer .je suis a votre écoute et je vous remercie pour votre temps et que dieu vous bénisse
    Merci vraiment merci

  22. I took have been scammed by several Keanu fake imposters .I really wish and hope that someone out there will actually do something about all these scammers out there.thank you I hope this gets t’to the right person.m6ch love and admiration

  23. Keanu Reeves my name is Ron McCleary I need your help with a pitch for a movie which would lead into a series I do believe that it would blow away Yellowstone with Kevin Costner With all the WWE stars The Rock John Cena and lots more a good title for it would be the lumberjack based off the area of greys harbor County in Washington state City of McCleary they were the timber kings of the pacific north west this for a start a good movie and a series out of it would be cool.

  24. I too have had many conversations with fake people claiming to be Keanu Reeves.
    I have been contacted by Erwin Stoff advising me the only way to get a chance to “chat” with Keanu is to join his fan club and pay the $740 fee. I was given an email address which I used to inquire about the club. It was from MT Management and signed by Mederith Wechter.
    Anyone know if this is legit?

  25. Hi, I’ve read every comment on here and saw many if not all requested you send money. I’m new to social media and I have always kept away from it how ever I have always been a Keanu Reeve fan and I got a DM from Keanureeve private page. I’ve been talking to this person for going on 2 1/2 weeks. At times I feel like it’s really Keanu because they sound so sincere and sweet. He hasn’t asked for money nor for me to register to any club. In fact he has wanted my home address so he can send me a gift, flowers etc. I haven’t given them my address although I have felt so attached to send pics of me (fully clothed). I find I can’t sleep wondering if it’s really Keanu talking to me. Please know that I’m a educated person and do not usually communicate with people on these platforms. I just need to know the truth. I feel if it isn’t it had been such an invasion of my emotions and privacy. I feel like such a fool for thinking Keanu could take a moment to say those sweet things to me like he loves to talk to me, he loves my smile and even that he loves me. Once I tried to confront him and he did everything to convince me that he was Keanu and even begged me to believe him. Today I found this site and read the comments on this scam. I feel sick to my stomach and most importantly so sad that I allowed someone to take advantage of me. Please tell the true Keanu Reeve that I love his work, his humbleness and hope to one day really hear or meet him. Thank you in advance for your time and hope you can help me. 😭

  26. Alice Thompson

    Keanu Reeves, should make a public announcement, warning fans about the scammers, asking for money. Does bookings and signing autographs cost anything for a movie actor making millions, especially when they are elderly women on limited pension. I am a huge fan of all Keanu’s movies, should known that he has a girlfriend and plans to get married soon, the fake social media pages are gone to keep doing this to all his great fans, asking for money, from women

  27. Donna Boudreaux

    I had three diff “Keanu”s messaging me at the same time! All got offended when I questioned whether they were real or a scammer lol even told them all that I was talking to three of them. Each told me to block the other two, of course. Told them it would b really easy to prove they were him by turning on their webcam for me to c them. None followed thru…….color me surprised! NOT!! There r so many of those creeps out there I wish there were some way to stop them. He’s such a great guy it’s a shame that so many r misrepresenting him! Smh…..I’d b happy to pass on those conversations to u. Maybe some day they can b stopped

  28. Sherry Richmond

    Hello Keanu,
    I became your fan recently, back in late Jan. 2023. Up until that time I had only seen one of your films, Dangerous Laisons, but since then I’ve watched about 15. Similar to the previous fans I got involved with two Fake Keanus in a row, who 1st romanced me, then asked me to buy a fan card. I am interested in the card partly because I became interested in Keanu’s personality & career & partly because I was interested in doing charity work for Keanu. My 2nd Fake Keanu convinced me to buy a fan card & I was told to contact Cheryl Maisel at a production company. I sent my money & waited a month, but it never arrived. There is more to the story, but to keep this short I ended up blocking both Fake Keanus.

    A few days ago I found the Keanu Reeves Official Fan site & left a message to say that I was interested in becoming a member. I was contacted by Erwin Stoff & we had a long conversation about my idea for a charitable foundation, which he liked. Then I asked him a few questions which he answered.

    So here is my question–since I was scammed by the 2nd Fake Keanu, I am now suspicious about the Keanu Reeves Official fan club that is run by Erwin Stoff. Is it legitimate or a fake organization & is the Erwin Stoff I was talking to the Real Erwin Stoff? Am I safe sending them my money?

  29. Dear Keanu,
    Thank you ❤️ for such an impressive, magnificent movie that I could see. Sometimes I laughed, sometimes I couldn’t breath. A big tribute to dear Keanu and all actors and crew 👏❤️
    You are my favorite actor from movie devil’s advocate but movie Constantine is ❤️❤️❤️ yes, I could say, since this time I am your fan.. yeah, I was not following each your step you and by the way, in my country are not so many informations about you.. With movies JW 1-2-3 you know😁 you just pop up hot desires of fans😊😊😊
    Dear Keanu,
    since I marked JW4 and your person as my favorite, since then I block and vote on iG scammers. I would be grateful if it would be possible to send you a personal message, as discreetly as possible, I am aware of your privacy, and if it would be possible to send a personal request for an autograph to the address, I will of course pay the postage costs. I will greatly appreciate your personal private response in maximum discretion. thank you very much in advance, Greta

  30. Kris Pennington

    Anyone who contacts you and claiming to be Keanu Reeves it’s a fraud. I play with them scammers. It’s fun for me pass this time.

  31. Il y a au moins une 30 faux Keanu Reeves sur estagram et même si tu les bloquent et les dénoncent ils reviennent toujours. J’ai beau leur dire que je sais qu’ils ne sont pas Keanu Reeves mais ils essaient qu’ils sont les seuls vrai. Ils tombent amoureux de la personne qui communique avec eux rapidement une vrai farce et la demande d’argent vient et te font croire que c’est pour la carte de fans.

  32. Hello Keanu. Hiw are u? I hope u are well. I have been conversing with some one claiming to be u. I knew it wasn’t u cause he asked for money and some kind of card. I luv u so. J wish I could meet u, but I’ll never be able to. I have been watching ur movies for along time. I am a 58 year old woman and I think I have fallen in luv with the sweetest man ever. Luv ya, mean it with my whole heart.

  33. This is for Keanu Reeves. I pray that you’re healthy and I pray they find you safe. I have a story to tell you it’s only for your ears only I pray with all my heart and soul did you give me two minutes of your time.

  34. Baby Vermeulen

    There are so many, I think I have an imposter that has been talking to me on chat, instagram and telegram. Want me to buy member ship card for $1700, so that we can be together. I have block them. One of them call me ‘a b****’ and told me told me to ‘f*** off’, when I told him Keanu Reeves and his Mother don’t deserve imposters.

  35. I too, was taken for $1200 to spend three days with him riding in the mountains on his bike and watching a movie never happened

  36. What to say to a man who has everything? Hi Keanu hope you’re well, but of course you are! Talented actor, producer, compassionate man and just an all around amazing human. You set an excellent example of what it means to be a person.

  37. Mr. Keanu, I am a big fan of your films.. I constantly follow your news and tried to reach you, but to no avail.. I have heard that you love to help the needy, and I am one of them.. My child suffers from a delay in speech, and I have no ability to treat her… I live with four of my children I live in a small house full of mold and dampness.. I suffer from tooth loss and severe pain at times, and I do not have the money to get treatment.. Please help

  38. I appreciate you Keanu for being kind and helpful. Although I’m old and need help but I don’t think I will get a response from you. Keep up your good work may you stay healthy so you can continue to do what you love most

  39. I have enjoyed watching your movies, you have great talent. I don’t read on celebrities as you never know what is true or not. I would like to get a chance to know you if you don’t mind.

  40. I need urgent help. My friend said she has been talking to Keanu via face chat. That he gave her his real email and is now asking her for $300 to join a special club. She is 68 and I think she’s being scammed. Please reach out so I can stop my friend from being hurt.

  41. Tiffany williams

    I am trying to get ahold of Keanu Reeves. I was wanting to see if he would send an autograph for my husband. He is going through stage 4 cancer, and this would brighten his day. We love your movies. God bless 💓💓🙏🙏🙏

  42. I am writing from a small country in Europe from the Balkans called Serbia. I am interested in how one can contact the great actor Keanu Reeves without it being a fake Instagram page. Thanks in advance for your reply.

  43. All accounts on a social media are really fake. I would love the management to work on it, because people got confused.

  44. I always heard that Mr.Reeves has no social media however I have found about 5 or 6 claiming to be him. At the least they post admirable pictures. From trying to follow him I believe him to be a genuine loving Human being. Thank you Mr.Reeves. wishing for more people like you in this world. Have a great day.

  45. I’ve tried several times for autograph. Still no reply. Wow. Such a nice guy I couldn’t imagine him not following thru

  46. Maria Lynn Faubert

    Keanu if u read this .. email me please !! or whatever u can do to get ahold of me .. I don’t want anything but five mins of ur time for something important please!
    Thanks… Maria
    Ontario, Canada

  47. Hi my name is Laura Cawthorne. I’m a 75 year old senior citizen and I truly admire Mr Reeves attitude towards helping t he less fortunate. I’m one who has been seeking help from the the government for home repairs for many years but t to no avail. I would appreciate it to the highest if you considered helping me with my 20year old house repairs.

  48. Elizabeth Velarde

    Hi please .as I realized that Keanu Reeves doesn’t use Any social media or Instagram. Many fake people try to following me in Instagram as the actor .only because I put like in his pictures of Keanu . Because I am her fan since I was young I love her performance and not only like an actor. Like a person. He love animals and he is humble that is that I reasd and watched in the magaxines and tv andv9n the web nd I am sure of it. But please these scam.Many of this bad people . I investigated and are from Nigeria! .and many things happened. I would lilie an autograph for him but maybe is not him. Pease is their staff read it Can help me . I will appreciate so much. And stop these losses people to pretend be Mr. KEANU REEVES.

  49. Yes I’ve had the same thing happen said he would do an autograph meet but I had to pay for the fan card and it cost $1530.00! I was floored to say the least , I was so mad for believing such ridiculous actions that this imposter did. I’m so glad my eyes were opened and I didn’t lose any money cause I wised up! So if anyone acts like they’re Keanu and says he loves you and wants to meet you, don’t listen to him! He’s a liar and will pay one day for the actions that they are doing .

  50. My name is LaDona Stout , I was looking at his pictures and I fell in Love with but I read about him and keanu reminds me a lot of my cousin Eugene cause as kids he was the oldest and he was always taking good care of us , well goofy me didn’t know he wasn’t a social and I have lost 620.00 on him thinking it was him , I had a bunch trying to get money, on the one I got smart but lost money , then some claiming to be him again and he didn’t ask for but he finally call me and his voice was not keanu . I have picture of everything . You would not believe how many keanu is on instagram , Facebook and other places. If I was keanu I would place that one piece of paper on Facebook and instagram saying what it says about and that way the women would and and wouldn’t lose there money. Just to show the people he cares about them. Because the scammers are good at what they do cause they get you to thinking that keanu is in love with them and wanting to get married and be together and missing you. I worked in the post office 14 years and I should have knew that keanu reeves would have nothing to really do with us , he also has his mom on Facebook and another man I believe stoff. But you might tell him to do this for the people that really are in love with . Thanks for listening.

  51. I too think I have an imposter that has been talking to me , I really need to talk to Keanu but I don’t want a fake shady person trying to get money I don’t have

  52. Hello for some time now there have been people on facebook or instagram who pretend to be keanu reeves. since it got the upper hand, I tried to get in touch somehow. then i contacted cheryl maisel on facebook and told her about the problem. At some point she gave me the email address of keanu reeves(, then I wrote there, it was a very nice conversation. He wants to visit me in Germany and so I should speak to the management. I’ll still get the email, he told me. now my question is whether i’ve fallen for a fake again. I would be very happy about a reply. Kind regards Beate Hornung Germany

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