Where to Find Addresses (Fan Mail & TTM)

Where to Find Fan mail Addresses to Request Autographs through the Mail

If you are planning on writing fan mail to your favorite celebrity, athlete, or public figure, you are going to need their address. Finding an address to write to can sometimes be done in seconds, or it might take hours of in depth research depending on what tools you use and who you are trying to write to. This post will break down the best ways to go about it with options for those who want an easy button and those who aren’t afraid to do some digging to find little known addresses.

The main types of addresses for fan mail are the physical ones: agency, via venue, business, and residential. Of course, email is increasingly becoming a popular and effective tool for sending fan mail and through the mail (TTM) autograph requests.

  1. Types of addresses
  2. Where to find addresses

Types of Addresses


In general, celebrities all have agents who are employed at a PR firm or talent agency. If you know what agency represents the celebrity that you are writing to, then you can address your fan mail to that agency. Hopefully, their agent will then pass it on to the intended recipient. In many cases, this works well. Sometimes fan mail is simply not passed on though due to celebrities not wanting to or being able to handle the volume that they receive. Some agencies, like Spanky Taylor, have a standing policy of not passing on mail to their clients and always respond with an auto pen (machine signed) signature or other types of facsimiles.

The BBC reported on the disregard of some celebrities for fan mail.

Check The Agency’s Website

Each agency will likely have their own policies surrounding fan mail. Until you know how each agency will respond, it’s a good idea to check their sites for how they handle fan mail

Hamilton Hodell’s fan mail policy
Hamilton Hodell’s autograph request policy

The following agencies are known to NOT pass on their fan mail:

Creative Artists Agency (CAA)
Gersh Agency
Innovative Artists Agency
Paradigm Talent Agency
Spanky Taylor
United Talent Agency
Untitled Entertainment
William Morris Endeavors (WME)

Via Venue:


Writing to the venue that someone will be appearing at (i.e. a concert hall, Broadway theater, sports stadium, or other temporary location) can be a great way to contact some of the hardest to reach celebrities. If you have not had luck sending to an agency because they don’t forward mail, perhaps a venue will. The best venues are those like Broadway where the person will be there for a longer time than just a one night concert. That helps to maximize your chances of your letter reaching the celebrity. Check out the kinds of results we got when we wrote 100 celebrities via venue.

Uma Thurman, Daniel Radcliffe, and various supporting cast members signed via Broadway

Make sure to check Playbill’s website regularly for updates on plays. Find out which theater the play will be at and send your fan letter to the one of the starts or the stage manager if you are trying to get multiple cast members from the same play.

Production Offices (Film/TV)

Whenever a film of TV series is made, there is an office associated with the production. This is usually at the address of the studio where the production is being filmed. It’s important to time your letter so that it arrives when filming is under way. If you send too soon or too late, you are more likely to have your letter rejected.

Sports Stadiums

For sports fans, directing your fan mail to stadiums is the best way to get your favorite athletes’ signature. For the best success rate, it’s advisable to send a fan letter to each individual player on a team, even if that means that you have to send multiple requests to the same address. Try sending your request when you know the players will be there like during spring training.

Concert Venues

If it’s musicians that you’re after, it might be best to wait until they are on tour. Check out the stops that they will be making and look up the address of the arena or concert hall that they will be performing at. Try and time sending your letter so that it arrive a day or two before the concert. You don’t want it arriving after the artist has performed but you also don’t want to send it so early that it is forgotten about.


If the individual you’re writing to owns a business, you can try writing to the business address. It’s surprising how many celebrities own businesses, actually. For example, Jessica Alba is the founder of The Honest Company.

Residential/PO Box:

Not everyone has an agent or business, and they may not make appearances. It may be the case that the only place they are able to receive mail is via their residence or a PO box. Whether it’s acceptable or not to use these addresses is entirely an individual question. Some celebrities may prefer it while others my not appreciate it at all. If there’s any doubt if it’s acceptable to send to an individual’s residential address, there’s no reason that you can’t reach out to get pre-approval. Try contacting them on social media or via email first to get the go ahead.

Where to find addresses:

Tales From The Collection:

Tales From The Collection offers several address databases based on popular franchises:

Star Tiger:

Star Tiger Main Page

The simplest and best resource for finding addresses is startiger.com. It’s a one-stop-shop for all of your celebrity address needs. It has an extensive listing of personalities ranging from scientists to actors. If someone is not listed, you can put in a request for their address and the site’s admins and the Star Tiger community will often do the research for you. They will often jump in to answer your questions in 24 hours and provide contact information.

Addresses also are accompanied by feedback (weather or not someone got a reply), which helps to save you time and money on stamps that you don’t have to waste. The only catch to Star Tiger is that it is a paid service. However, by paying for this one service that allows you to request addresses, you are leveraging a lot of resources with only one membership. If you were to get the benefits of form other services, it would cost many times more.

Sports Card Forum:

Sports Card Forum focuses on, you guessed it, sports. It does have a non-sports section but this forum is the go-to destination for many sports collectors when they want a free source for sports-related addresses. The site does offer more than just a forum though.

They also offer a few helpful tools for collectors. First is the Trade Manager which lets you swap cards with other collectors. This can be useful for those who are trying to complete a whole set. The second important feature to know is the TTM manager which like Star Tiger, lets you track your collection.

Google searches:

Google Main Page

Saying “Google it” almost sounds like a non-answer, but it is very reliable for turning up great addresses to write to. You also can’t beat the price. Google is a great place to help you figure out what kinds of addresses are out there. You can see which kinds of addresses a celebrity is likely to have by reading their Wikipedia page, interviews, etc.

If, for example, they mention they own a business, run a charity, or are represented by a specific agency, you now have a lead to follow up on. Personal websites are often very helpful as they usually have some kind of contact option. The contact page may expressly list the person’s address or it may only provide an email address. In that case, it’s perfectly acceptable to reach out via email to get permission to send something to be signed. 


fanmail.biz Main Page

A decade ago, this was the go to source for addresses as it’s free, and it was fairly comprehensive with a very active forum. It seems to now be a shadow of its former self with outdated information and a far less active and helpful forum. As it is a free resource, it doesn’t hurt to check here still but I would view it as only a supplement to your research.

Social media posts:

If you are looking to write some fan mail, it is not unheard of that celebrities will post on their social media accounts an address or PO Box that their fans can write to.

American rapper Aaron Carter
professional wrestler Ryback Reeves

Production Alerts

Production List

Production List Main Page

Productionlist.com is a service that offers production alerts that are affordable and comprehensive. It tracks film and tv productions and is made by the Film & Television Industry Alliance. It’s an industry publication targeted toward jobseekers. However, the same features that help an aspiring actor find work in film and television can easily help an autograph collector find addresses to write fan mail to. It offers a comprehensive listing of productions and includes valuable information like the production companies working on TV shows and movies as well as their physical addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers. It lists out key individuals working on the production to include writers, producers, directors, and cast, among others.


The down side to using Production List is the barrier to entry—price. While it is by no means cheap, it is by far more affordable than its competitors. At time of writing, pricing is as low as $28.95 per month for this service.


Using Production List to find addresses will ensure you are among the first to know when a new production is announced. The site publishes roughly 20 to 40 new projects per week. This will give you an edge over other collectors because you’ll know when and where the personalities that you care about most will be and it provides many great ways to make contact.

Production List’s listing for Mandalorian Season 3

The above screenshot shows what a typical listing looks like. The site is behind a paywall so the important information is redacted until you sign in. However you get a pretty good idea about what the site offers. It lists crew members like John Favreau with email addresses, the production company and its contact info. Important information like like the shoot date and location are also included. These are all very valuable leads when seeking to obtain an autograph TTM.

Production Weekly

Production Weekly is an alternative to Production List, but it a cheaper one. The weekly publication starts at $75.00 per month and provides a ton of valuable information. To make the service more affordable, many people split the cost of the service between a group of friends.

State/City Listings of Current Productions

Filming occurs all over the world but there are a few main hubs where the majority of it occurs. In the US a lot of filming is done in Los Angeles, CA, Atlanta, GA, or Chicago, IL for example. Cities and states usually have dedicated websites to ongoing productions. Some sites have more information than others but at a minimum you should be able to find what is being filmed in a particular state or city. At best, it will also include addresses for the production office.

Some good examples are:

Public Records

There are many searches that facilitate searching through public records. Information like property records, pilot’s licenses, business registrations, and more are available for the public to view. To find them though, you need to go to the government office responsible for the document. Services like anywho.com, truthfinder.com, or the whitepages.com make the process simple. You will need a full name at least but knowing age and the state or city the person resides in will help narrow down your search a lot.


This is my favorite free service for finding public records. The results can be somewhat limited though and for anything more than basic information and addresses, they will redirect you to paid services.


When it comes to affordable and high quality people searches, whitepages.com is the place to go. They have very good results with amplifying information like phone numbers and information on relatives which helps you make sure that you have the person that you are looking for.


This is the best tool for searching public records to find people. However, it is also the most expensive. The results you get are very comprehensive though. Email addresses, physical addresses, phone numbers, and more can all be found by using this one service.



Email addresses are increasingly becoming the best way to do fan mail and TTM autograph collecting.

Harness The Power of Email

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