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Lena Dunham’s popularity can be attributed to her unique voice and fearless approach to storytelling. As a writer, actress, and filmmaker, she has consistently pushed boundaries and challenged societal norms, addressing topics such as feminism, body image, and mental health with honesty and humor.

Dunham has also been a vocal advocate for social justice and has used her platform to raise awareness for causes such as reproductive rights and LGBTQ+ rights. Her work has resonated with audiences, particularly younger women, who see themselves represented in her stories and admire her commitment to authenticity and inclusivity.

Lena Dunham’s impressive acting talent and stunning beauty have captured the attention of many, including businesses, charities, and devoted fans. If you’re one of the many individuals looking to get in touch with her, you’re in luck! We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the most current and reliable addresses, emails, and phone numbers available, enabling you to connect with Lena Dunham directly or through her representatives with ease.

How to Contact Lena Dunham

Still of Lena Dunham in Girls and Full Disclosure
Courtesy of HBO © 2017

Connecting with your favorite celebrities, athletes, and public figures is a common practice for many people. Whether it’s to request donations for a charitable cause, explore new business opportunities, or simply express your admiration and support, fan mail remains a popular means of reaching out to those in the public eye.

As Lena Dunham’s star continues to rise, it’s no surprise that the talented actress receives an abundance of messages and well-wishes from her dedicated fans. While she may not have a history of responding to fan mail, don’t let that deter you from reaching out to her. To make the process easier, you can use a simple fan mail template or even generate a letter with the help of AI.

With that said, we’ve compiled a list of addresses below that you can use to try and get in touch with Lena Dunham directly or through her representatives. Give it your best shot, and good luck!

Talent Agent Talent Agent (TV Literary)
Creative Artists Agency (CAA)
2000 Avenue of the Stars
Los Angeles, CA 90067
+1 424 288 2000 phone
+1 424 288 2900 fax

Alexandra Trustman
Ally Shuster
Bryan Lourd
Maha Dakhil
Rachel Rusch
Sue Carls
Creative Artists Agency (CAA)
2000 Avenue of the Stars
Los Angeles, CA 90067
+1 424 288 2000 phone
+1 424 288 2900 fax

William Brown

More Ways to Contact Lena Dunham

Still of Lena Dunham in Girls and Gummies
Courtesy of HBO © 2017

If you’re looking for additional ways to contact Lena Dunham beyond what’s been provided, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! One effective method is to get in touch with the following representatives.

By reaching out to her representatives, you may be able to secure a more direct line of communication with the Iron Box actress. So, don’t hesitate to give it a try. Use the resources provided below to reach out to Lena Dunham’s team and see if they can assist you in your efforts to contact her.

Legal RepresentativePublicist
450 N Roxbury Dr
8th Fl
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
+1 310 271 8777 phone
+1 310 271 8310 fax

Gretchen Rush
Huy Nguyen
310-248-3172 phone
ID Public Relations

Court Barrett
+1 323 822 4889 phone
Isabel Garcia
+1 323 822 4889 phone
Kelly Bush Novak
+1 323 822 4889 phone
Rebecca Sides Capellan

Business Information

Lena Dunham is a talented American actress, writer, and filmmaker who has also established herself as a successful entrepreneur. In 2015, she founded her production company, Good Thing Going, which has since produced numerous projects.

Good Thing Going has been involved in the creation of several critically acclaimed works, including the hit HBO series “Camping” and the indie film “It’s Me, Hilary: The Man Who Drew Eloise.” The production company has also collaborated with HBO and A24 to produce the upcoming series “Industry.”

As the owner and creative force behind Good Thing Going, Dunham has been praised for her commitment to producing inclusive and diverse content. She has made a concerted effort to give a platform to underrepresented voices in the industry and has actively sought out projects that push boundaries and challenge societal norms.

In addition to her work with Good Thing Going, Dunham has also used her platform to advocate for the arts and support aspiring artists. She has hosted several writing workshops and events aimed at helping emerging writers hone their craft and connect with industry professionals.

Overall, Dunham’s production company, Good Thing Going, has become a significant force in the entertainment industry, and her commitment to producing inclusive, thought-provoking content has had a positive impact on the industry as a whole.

Good Thing Going
Good Thing Going
8383 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 400
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

DM Lena Dunham on Social Media

Still of Lena Dunham in Girls and Hostage Situation
Courtesy of HBO © 2017

For many fans, direct messaging on social media has become a preferred way of communicating with their favorite celebrities. If you’re more comfortable with DMing than sending a letter or making a phone call, then you might want to consider reaching out to Lena Dunham through her official social media accounts.

Many celebrities have been known to respond to DMs from fans, making this a viable strategy for getting in touch with them. By reaching out to Lena Dunham through her social media channels, you may be able to establish a more personal connection and potentially receive a response from the actress herself.

To get started, check out the list of Lena Dunham’s official social media accounts below. Try sending her a direct message or tagging her in a post and see if she responds. Good luck!


About Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham is an American actress, writer, and filmmaker born on May 13, 1986, in New York City. She is best known for creating and starring in the HBO series “Girls,” which ran from 2012 to 2017 and earned her multiple Emmy nominations.

Dunham began her career in the entertainment industry as an intern for the independent film production company, The Shooting Gallery. She later attended Oberlin College, where she studied creative writing and became involved in the campus arts scene.

In 2010, Dunham wrote, directed, and starred in the indie film “Tiny Furniture,” which premiered at the South by Southwest Film Festival and won the Best Narrative Feature award. This film caught the attention of Judd Apatow, who helped Dunham develop “Girls” for HBO.

“Girls” was a critical and commercial success, and Dunham’s portrayal of the lead character, Hannah Horvath, earned her widespread acclaim. She used the show as a platform to address issues such as feminism, body image, and mental health.

Dunham is also an author and has published a collection of essays titled “Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She’s ‘Learned'” in 2014. She has also written for various publications, including The New Yorker and The New York Times.

Aside from her work in entertainment, Dunham is known for her activism and advocacy work. She is an outspoken supporter of reproductive rights and LGBTQ+ rights and has worked with various organizations, including Planned Parenthood and The Trevor Project.

Dunham continues to be a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, and her work has had a significant impact on the representation of women and marginalized groups in media.


Who is Lena Dunham’s manager?

Lena Dunham’s manager is CAA’s Sue Carls. You can contact Dunham through her manager at

What is Lena Dunham’s fan mail address?

You can write to Lena Dunham via CAA at:
2000 Avenue of the Stars
Los Angeles, CA 90067

What is Lena Dunham’s phone number?

While Lena Dunham’s personal phone number is not public information, you can reach her by phone through her representatives by calling her agency Luber Roklin Entertainment at +1 424 288 2000.

What is Lena Dunham’s email address?

You can send Lena Dunham an email via CAA at

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