Maya Hawke Newsletters [Messages From the Stranger Things Actress and Singer]

This page serves as a repository for newsletters and messages from Stranger Things actress and singer Maya Hawke, but may not be comprehensive. These messages are sent by her to her fans. I will post more when they are released. If you appreciate this archive, you may also be interested in seeing the one I created for Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

Can I mail you something for the Holidays? – 5DEC2022

Can I mail you something for the Holidays?


Hello, Hello!!

Happy December!!!

In case you didn’t know tickets for our show in Hamburg are on sale now!

Tickets Here

As a thank you for being a part of this crazy beautiful year. I made a holiday card to share with you amazing people, If you’d like to get one you can sign up below.

Please note we only have a limited amount of *cards* to send out.

Hoping we can send one to everyone who wants one. By signing up it doesn’t 100% guarantee you’ll receive it.

Holiday Card Signup

MOSS and Blush has been restocked in the merch store along with other items!

For friends who live in the US, the USPS deadline is December 9th for Christmas shipping.

Merch Store

Thank you again for being amazing. Thank you for listening to MOSS. Thank you for such a great year.

Talk soon,



Can you keep a secret? – 18OCT2022

Can you keep a secret?


I hope you are doing well on this fall afternoon. My second record MOSS came out a few weeks ago.

I just want to say thank you for listening to it. Thank you for coming out to see me play live shows. I know a lot of you traveled from different states or countries to see a show, which is cool and I hope you had fun!

I hear and see all the love for each song on this record.

I want to share a secret with you. Here is a link to watch the unreleased illustrated video of Mermaid Bar.

<a class=Maya Hawke – Mermaid Bar (Official Music Video)” src=”; class=””>

I’ve always loved this song a lot because it is a story song and a story I’ve always told myself to make me feel better about endings. They are all transformations I hope!

I connected with an amazing illustrator named Elle online whose illustrations seemed perfect for the song.

Viola – this video comic was born.

As was this limited edition Mermaid Bar tank top. Another secret I’m sharing with you ahead of time.

It’s up now just for you. Every purchase will help support Planned Parenthood. 💕

Anyway, now the video is just up for a day for you to watch before anyone else gets to see.

I hope you enjoy it.

Talk soon,



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