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Seth Rogen is popular among his fans for several reasons. Firstly, his humor is considered to be relatable, witty, and often self-deprecating, which resonates with audiences. Secondly, Rogen has a distinctive voice and a talent for creating memorable and lovable characters that fans come to know and love.

Additionally, Rogen’s comedic style often involves blending humor with social commentary and tackling important issues in a humorous way, which appeals to his fans who appreciate this combination of humor and substance. Rogen has used his platform to raise awareness about issues such as mental health, political activism, and Alzheimer’s disease, and his activism is often interwoven into his comedic work.

To help make it easy for Seth Rogen’s fans to contact him, the following addresses, emails, and phone numbers have been compiled to give his fans the best and most up-to-date resources for contacting him directly or through his representatives.

How to Contact Seth Rogen

Still of Seth Rogen in Pam & Tommy and Seattle
Erin Simkin/ HULU | © 2022 Hulu

Every Rogen, thousands of people contact the celebrities, athletes, and public figures they admire most. Some want to request donations for charity, some seek new business opportunities, but most just want to send fan mail.

That’s because fan mail is a great way to express your support and admiration. Since Seth Rogen is such a huge star, there’s no doubt that the Pineapple Express actor gets his fair share of messages and well wishes.

Seth Rogen does have a good history of responding to fan mail. You can reach out to him by using this simple fan mail template to get started. If you’re having trouble expressing yourself, you can also generate a letter with AI! Then just try reaching out via the addresses below. Good luck!

Talent AgentManagerTalent Agent (Commercial)
United Talent Agency (UTA)
UTA Plaza
9336 Civic Center Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
+1 310 273 6700 phone
+1 310 247 1111 fax

Blair Kohan
Shani Rosenzweig
Principal Entertainment LA
9255 Sunset Blvd
Ste 500
Los Angeles, CA 90069
+1 310 446 1466 phone
+1 310 446 1566 fax

Marsha McManus
United Talent Agency (UTA)
UTA Plaza
9336 Civic Center Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
+1 310 273 6700 phone
+1 310 247 1111 fax

Josh Harrison
Todd Shemarya

More Ways to Contact Seth Rogen

Still of Seth Rogen and James Franco in Pineapple Express
Dale Robinette | © 2008 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.

If you still need more email addresses, phone numbers, and mailing addresses in order to reach The Super Mario Bros. Movie actor then look no further. Rogen has more than one agency looking out for his interests. Try reaching him at the following representatives.

PublicistLegal Representative
ID Public Relations

Amy Morse
Kaitlyn Horton
+1 323 822 4868 phone
Kelly Bush Novak
+1 323 822 4800 phone
Molly Kawachi
Sammie Oluyede
646-723-3824 phone
Felker Toczek Suddleson Abramson McGinnis Ryan
1801 Century Park East
Suite 2000
Los Angeles, CA 90067
310-441-8000 phone

Chris Abramson
Dave Ryan
Fred Toczek

Business Information

Seth Rogen is not only a Hollywood icon but also a successful entrepreneur! He runs his own production company called Point Grey Pictures.

Point Grey PicturesPoint Grey Pictures
Detroit Pictures Media Group Inc.
1990 S.Bundy Drive, Suite 200
Los Angeles, CA 90025
7656 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90046
310-620-8180 phone

DM Seth Rogen on Social Media

Still of Seth Rogen in Like Father
Emily Aragones | © Netflix

A lot of fans are more comfortable DMing than they are with sending a letter in the mail or making a phone call. It’s a strategy that can work as there are a number of celebrities that have been known to respond to DMs. Try reaching Rogen on his official social media accounts.


About Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen is a Canadian actor, writer, director, and producer known for his comedic talent and distinctive voice. Born on April 15, 1982, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Rogen began his career as a stand-up comedian and writer for the television series “Freaks and Geeks.” He rose to fame for his role in the comedy film “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” (2005), which was directed by Judd Apatow and marked the beginning of a long-standing collaboration between the two.

Rogen’s successful acting career has seen him appear in numerous comedy films, including “Superbad” (2007), “Pineapple Express” (2008), “This is the End” (2013), and “The Night Before” (2015). He is also well known for his role as the voice of Mantis in the “Guardians of the Galaxy” film series. In addition to acting, Rogen has been recognized for his work as a writer, having co-written several films including “Pineapple Express,” “The Green Hornet” (2011), and “Sausage Party” (2016).

In addition to his acting and writing careers, Rogen is also a co-founder of Point Grey Pictures, a production company that has produced many successful comedy films, including “Neighbors” (2014), “The Disaster Artist” (2017), and “Long Shot” (2019). Rogen has been praised for his ability to merge humor with social commentary and has used his platform to raise awareness about important issues, including Alzheimer’s disease, mental health, and political activism.

In recognition of his contributions to the entertainment industry, Rogen has received several awards and nominations, including a Primetime Emmy nomination for his work on the television series “Preacher” (2016-2019) and a nomination for the Independent Spirit Award for Best Screenplay for “This is the End.” He has also been honored with several awards for his work on “Superbad,” including the Breakthrough Artist Award from the National Board of Review.

Overall, Seth Rogen is one of the most talented and well-regarded comedic actors and writers of his generation. His unique voice and ability to blend humor with social commentary have made him a favorite among audiences and a respected figure in the entertainment industry.


Who is Seth Rogen’s manager?

Seth Rogen’s agent is UTA’s Brittany Balbo. You can contact Rogen at

What is Seth Rogen’s fan mail address?

You can write to Seth Rogen via UTA at:
UTA Plaza
9336 Civic Center Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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