“Maria”: Angelina Jolie Stars in Maria Callas Biopic, Larrain Directing

The world of opera and cinema is set to collide in the upcoming feature film “Maria,” a biopic about the famous opera singer Maria Callas. With filming scheduled to begin in October 2023 and run through December 2023 in the historic city of Budapest, the project has already generated significant buzz. The film is produced by Juan de Dios Larraín for Fabula Pictures, Lorenzo Mieli for The Apartment Pictures, a Fremantle Company, and Jonas Dornbach for Komlizen Film.

Angelina Jolie Takes on the Role of a Lifetime with a Deep Commitment

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Acclaimed actress Angelina Jolie will be stepping into the shoes of the legendary opera singer, portraying the tumultuous, beautiful, and tragic story of the world’s greatest opera singer. The film, based on true accounts, will relive and reimagine Callas’s final days in 1970s Paris.

Jolie’s portrayal of Callas is expected to be a highlight of her illustrious career, and fans are eagerly awaiting her transformation into the iconic figure. Jolie herself has expressed her serious commitment to Maria Callas’s life and legacy, calling the chance to tell more of Maria’s story a “dream.”

Dynamic Duo: Director Pablo Larrain and Writer Steven Knight Reunite with a Shared Passion

Director Pablo Larrain and writer Steven Knight, known for their successful collaboration on previous projects, are reuniting to bring the life of Maria Callas to the big screen. Larraín’s previous biopics, including “Spencer” starring Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana and “Jackie” with Natalie Portman as Kennedy Onassis, have garnered best actress nominations.

He also received an Academy Award nomination for his 2012 Chilean historical drama “No.” Larraín expressed his excitement about combining his two most profound passions, cinema and opera, in this project, referring to working with Angelina Jolie as a “fascinating opportunity” and a “true gift.”

The choice of Budapest as the filming location adds an extra layer of authenticity and charm to the production, providing a fitting stage for the story of a woman as complex and multifaceted as the city itself.

A Production Team with a Proven Track Record in the Film Industry and a Story of Rivalry and Scandal

Juan de Dios Larraín
Juan de Dios Larraín

Producers Juan de Dios Larraín, Lorenzo Mieli, and Jonas Dornbach, along with Line Producer/Production Manager Miki Emmrich, are steering the ship. Their combined talents and experience in the industry promise a film that is both visually stunning and emotionally resonant.

The team’s proven track record in delivering high-quality productions adds to the growing excitement surrounding the film. The film may also explore Callas’s intense rivalry with Italian opera singer Renata Tebaldi and her affair with Aristotle Onassis, adding layers of intrigue to the narrative.

Anticipation Builds for a Film Destined to Make Waves in the Entertainment World

With a team of industry veterans, a star-studded cast, and a story that is both intimate and grand, “Maria” is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated films of the year. As production begins, the excitement continues to build, and the world waits to see how this talented team will bring the life of Maria Callas to the silver screen.

Stay tuned for more updates on “Maria,” a film that promises to be a feast for both the eyes and the soul, a tribute to a woman whose voice transcended boundaries and whose story continues to inspire. The collaboration between Angelina Jolie, Pablo Larrain, and Steven Knight is sure to create a cinematic experience that resonates with audiences and critics alike. The director’s enthusiasm, the lead actress’s dedication, and the potential for a compelling exploration of Maria Callas’s complex life make this a must-watch production.

Production Studios Behind “Maria”

Fabiola Pictures

Fabula Pictures, with offices in Santiago, Chile, and Burbank, California, is a leading production company known for its innovative and award-winning films. Collaborating with The Apartment in Rome, Komplizen Film in Berlin, Fremantle Media in Burbank, and Filmnation Entertainment in Los Angeles, they form a powerhouse team behind the upcoming biopic “Maria.” These companies bring together a rich blend of cultural insights, industry expertise, and a shared vision for storytelling.

From Fabula’s Oscar-nominated successes to Fremantle Media’s global entertainment reach, the collaboration promises a film that transcends boundaries and resonates with audiences worldwide. Their combined strengths ensure that “Maria” will be a global sensation, reflecting a commitment to quality cinema that honors the life and legacy of opera legend Maria Callas.

Fabula Pictures

Holanda 3017, Nunoa, Santiago 7770057

2900 W. Alameda Avenue, Suite 800, Burbank, CA 91505

Email: |

PHONE: +562 2344 0908 | 818-7481-284

The Apartment

S.R.L. Via Nicotera 29 – 00195 Rome, Italy

Email: |

Komlizen Film

Hagelberger Straße 57, Berlin 10965 Germany

PHONE: +49 30 78893340


Fremantle Media

2900 W Alameda Ave., Ste 800, Burbank, CA 91505

PHONE: 818-748-1100


Filmnation Entertainment

6430 Sunset Blvd., Ste 1025, Los Angeles, CA 90028

PHONE: 323-337-0855


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