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Robotech Film Based on 80’s Transformable Mecha Anime in Development

Columbia Pictures is developing a new live-action feature film based on the 1980’s transformable mecha anime series “Robotech”. The new Robotech film will be a sprawling sci-fi epic that takes place at a time when Earth has developed giant robots from the technology found on an alien spacecraft that crashed on a South Pacific island. Mankind is forced to use the technology to fend off three successive waves of alien invasions. The first invasion concerns a battle with a race of giant warriors who seek to retrieve their flagship’s energy source known as “protoculture,” and the planet’s survival ends up in the hands of two young pilots.

“Robotech” Cast and Crew

Hawkeye Director Rhys Thomas will be heading the project. He is bringing along two writers from the show: Alessandro Tanaka and Brian Gatewood who will be adapting the Japanese anime for a live-action script. No strangers to shape-shifting mecha, Transformers: The Last Knight writers Matt Holloway and Art Marcum will be joining the crew. President and founder of Hollywood Gang Productions Gianni Nunnari will be teaming up with Mark Canton to head up production for the live-action Robotech film.

PRODUCER: Gianni Nunnari – Mark Canton

WRITER: Art Marcum – Matt Holloway – Brian Gatewood – Alessandro Tanaka

DIRECTOR: Rhys Thomas

“Robotech” Production Studios

320 Wilshire Blvd Suite 200
Santa Monica, CA 90401
PHONE: 424-300-4264

700 N San Vicente Blvd., G700
W. Hollywood, CA 90069
PHONE: 323-302-4920

7655 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90046
PHONE: 323-851-4900

10202 W. Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232
PHONE: 310-244-4000

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