If you have a valuable POP with a damaged window, the though of replacing it might seem scary, but there are only four steps to follow.

How to Replace Funko POP Windows [4 Easy Steps]

Funko Pop Window Swap [Removal and Replacement]

There comes a time in every POP collector’s life when they may want to replace the window on one of their cherished POPs. For most collectors, the need to replace a POP’s window arises when it gets scratched or dented. However, if you collect signed POPs, then it can be a very valuable technique for autograph collectors. Let me give you an example.

Let’s say that you are a Natalie Portman fan and you really want her autograph on a Queen Amidala figure. But what if the only signed POP you can find that has Natalie Portman’s signature on it is one of her characters from Thor—Jane Foster. Assuming the autograph is on the window, you can simply swap the unsigned one for the signed one. The process is pretty starlight forward, but it does take some patience and a few supplies.

Before you get started swapping the windows on your Funko POP, you’re going to need to gather some supplies, many of which you may already have at home. First you’re going to need a “donor POP” a lower value Funko POP that you can take the acetate window from to swap with your high-value POP. You’ll also need something thin and rigged to separate the window from the boxes. I prefer to use these metal scraping tools as they will help get the job done efficiently. However, even something like a gift card will work in a pinch. To ease the separation, it helps to first loosen the glue with heat. For that, you can use whatever hair dryer you happen to have laying around or you can go for a very basic model like Revlon’s compact hair dryer. Once the window is removed, I recommend that you clean off the old glue and paper residue with Goo Gone adhesive remover. Finally, you’ll need a simple tube of Super Glue to reinstall the window.

How to Swap Funko POP Windows

Several methods for removing the windows from Funko POPs have been proposed by collectors over the years. Some include sticking your POP box in the freezer which might do more harm than good. The best available method is listed below. It was recommended by several users on Reddit and tested by YouTuber Kuya Magik.

Step 1: Break Down the Funko POP Boxes
Funko Pop box breakdown
photo: Kuya Magik

Now that you have your supplies ready it’s time to start removing your POP windows. A word of warning though before you begin. Some paper from the inside of your POP boxes will be lifted and there is the possibility of damaging your box if you are not careful, so please proceed with caution and at your own risk. Now that that’s out of the way, put your long scraping tool under the lid of your POP and apply upward pressure to open the box. This will apply even pressure to the lid and help to prevent the box from bending at flex points. This is more likely to occur if you are opening your pop box by hand.

Step 2: Soften POP’s Window Glue with Hair Dryer
Funko Pop Hair Dryer Window Removal
photo: Kuya Magik

Once your box is open, set all of the contents aside. Then take your hair dryer and start blowing warm air onto the glued down portions of your window until the glue begins to soften. As it does, work your scraping tool between the window and the box to separate the two. This may take longer than you think so expect to spend about seven to ten minutes with just the separation phase alone.

Step 3: Clean and Prep POP Windows for Replacement
Funko Pop Hair Dryer Window Removal
photo: Kuya Magik

You will need to remove the windows from both of the POPs that you are doing the window swap on. Once they are removed, apply Goo Gone only to the areas that have glue and paper residue. Allow the solution to penetrate for a few minutes and then simply wipe everything off. A word of caution though. If you are removing a POP window that has a signature or stickers that you want to keep, be very careful when applying the Goo Gone. It can potentially ruin your stickers or remove ink from the signature.

Step 4: Apply Glue and Swap Funko POP Windows
Funko Pop Glue on Window
photo: Kuya Magik

With the windows removed from your Funko POP box, the hard part is over. All that’s left is to swap your windows, putting the one in the best condition or whichever has the autograph on your high value POP and putting the damaged or unsigned one on your donor POP. To do this simply run a thin bead of super glue along the edge of your window. Don’t apply glue anywhere that the window will not be making contact with the box. Once the glue is applied, line it up and apply pressure to the window and the box to make sure that it adheres at all contact points.

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