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Actor Capable of Succumbing to Vulcan Death Pinch Sough for Apex Legends Commercial

Texas-based casting agent Michael Druck Casting is seeking an actor capable of succumbing to a Vulcan death pinch for an upcoming Apex Legends commercial. They request that the actor be “know how to have a believable initial fighting position. Can act as if in pain as they are being defeated by a Vulcan death pinch (from star trek)”. They are casting both men and women for three roles in the Austin area. The casting call is as follows.

Apex Legends Commercial Casting Call





Digital/Social Media Ad




Austin, Texas


Saturday, 6/25 & Sunday, 6/26


Digital in perpetuity (youtube & social media) only


varies per role please view the breakdown


self-tape by request



MARTIAN HAL, Male, Caucasian, or mixed ethnic, age range 18-35,

Thin frame, mannerisms, and personality similar to a teen Spock from Star Trek. A natural at improv and subtle physical comedy. (FEATURED SPEAKING)

**Must be willing to wear a wig or receive a haircut/trim if booked.

Rate: $600/day

Ref Vid of Spock interacting with human:

MOTHER HAL, Female, Caucasian or Asian, age range 35-55,

Looks similar to T’Pol from Star Trek: Enterprise. She is much more composed than her son, MartianHal. Although kind, she is still a master of martial arts and meditation – disciplined, calm, with an underlying strength and wisdom in how she carries herself. (FEATURED SPEAKING)

**Must be willing to wear a wig if booked.

Rate: $600/day

Ref Vid 1 of Vulcan Speech habits:

Ref Vid 2 of Vulcan interacting with humans:

CRYPTO, Female, Caucasian or Asian, age range ’20s-’30s,

Based on the game Apex Legends “Crypto” Character, but a female version of the character. Sincere and to the point, with just enough sexiness to come across as alluring. Think Emily Blunt from Edge of tomorrow. (SPEAKING ROLE)

Rate: $400/day

Ref Vid Edge of tomorrow:

TSM LIZ, Female, Caucasian, age range ’20s-’30s, blonde or red hair.

attractive, intelligent, loves gaming and streaming. (SPEAKING ROLE)


Ref Vid (either of these sisters’ personalities would work):

TSM ROB, Male, Caucasian, age range ’20s-’30s, wavy or curly hair, intelligent, loves gaming, great at physical comedy. Needs to know how to safely “faint” from a chair in a comedic fashion. (NON-SPEAKING)


MARTIAL ARTS SPARRING PARTNER, Male, all ethnicities, age range ’20s-’40s, Fit, knows how to have a believable initial fighting position. Can act as if in pain as they are being defeated by a Vulcan death pinch (from star trek). (NON-SPEAKING)


To submit please email MICHAELDRUCKCASTING@GMAIL.COM and put APEX and which role you are applying for example: “APEX-TSM LIZ”. Please include the following info.

– Attach a current color photo and or acting profile link

– List Name

– Contact Number

– City of Residence

**Please have both production dates available Saturday, 6/25 & Sunday, 6/26 prior to submitting.

Thanks in advance and we look forward to hearing from you!

– Michael Druck Casting Team

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