DigiSign Review: Personalized Video, Digital Autograph Service

DigiSign, a new venture from Virtual Tables, bills itself as a “live autograph experience that can reach fans from all locations, at all times”. It does this by taking autographs, a traditionally physical medium, and bringing it strictly into the digital space. What DIGISIGN provides are digital signatures similar to ones we’ve seen used before by Taylor Swift and Arnold Schwarzenegger, but overlaid on video clips rather than static images.

In a press release, the company described the service as enabling “talent of any industry to sign a personalized autograph in real-time over a 10-second video clip, during a live DigiSign autograph session”.

Digital Autographs and Personalized Videos

credit: DIGISIGN

The brand’s concept isn’t exactly novel. The post-pandemic world has seen a shift starting in 2020 from in-person to virtual experiences with some degree of success. Notable companies that are capitalizing on virtual experiences now include Streamily, Cameo, and Galaxycon Live.

However, the shift from physical autographs to digital ones hasn’t really come into play for most companies operating in this space. This is likely because the majority of autograph collectors see no value in owning a digital autograph and strictly collect physical signatures.

The one notable exception to companies that have offered digital signatures is autograph.io. It’s a brand owned by Tom Bradey, which derives its value from offering limited edition autograph NFTs of digital signatures from athletes like Tiger Woods and Tony Hawke.

NFTs also factor into DigiSign’s business model as their website specifies that their digital autographs can be turned into NFTs. However, there are no details on exactly how that works and DigiSign did not immediately respond to requests for comment.


The process of talking to a celebrity, athlete, or influencer represented by DigiSign is pretty straightforward.

  • Sign-up for an account
  • Register and pay for an event hosted by the signer
  • Join the waiting room
  • Enjoy an individual or group session with the signer
  • Access the digital autograph from your DIGISIGN dashboard

Value Proposition & Final Thoughts

Through personalized videos and digital autographs, DigiSign seeks to provide “innovative technology to celebrities, brands, and teams that open the opportunity to create more meaningful memories. This will assist in driving brand affinity, revenue opportunities, and data collection campaigns through a live signature experience.”

Time will tell how much value fans actually derive from this service though. At this time, their roster of talent is sparse with little information available on their site as to exactly who they represent. However, even if they attracted the same kind of talent that other personalized celebrity video services offer, it’s unclear how many would opt for DigiSign’s digital autographs over the physical ones provided by their competition.

Pros & Cons

– Available anywhere
– Digital autographs come with videos
– Group and individual virtual celebrity interactions available
– No physical autographs means no investment potential and lower desirability
– Lack of recognizable talent
– DigiSign has not yet stood the test of time and may fail to meet expectations like their rival celebrity video service Celebvidy.

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