Eternal Return

Kit Harrington to Being Production on Eternal Return This Summer

A Tale as Old as Time with a Fresh Twist

The upcoming feature film “Eternal Return” is set to breathe new life into the age-old trope of epic romance. Naomi Scott and Kit Harrington will be starring in this tale of love and time-travel, set against the backdrop of imaginary landscapes charted by cartographer Virgil, played by Harrington.

“Eternal Return” follows Cass, played by Scott, a young woman emotionally armored until she meets Virgil. With his partner Malcolm, a Renaissance man brought to life by Jeremy Irons, they venture to challenge Cass’s emotional barriers and awaken her to love once more. Directed and written by Yaniv Raz, the filming is expected to begin in the summer of 2023.

Harrington & Scott’s First Performance Together

Still of Naomi Scott in Aladdin
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Joining forces for the first time since their breakout performances in “Aladdin” and “Game of Thrones” respectively, Naomi Scott and Kit Harrington promise a performance brimming with passion and emotional intensity. Scott, recognized for her exceptional acting prowess in portraying strong, independent characters, is set to portray the emotional journey of Cass with her characteristic depth and vulnerability.

Meanwhile, Harrington, lauded for his brooding intensity and nuanced portrayals in “Game of Thrones”, seems an apt choice for the role of Virgil, a man tasked with mapping the unseen and uncharted realms of imagination. With these two powerhouses at the helm, “Eternal Return” promises to be a cinematic feast.

Adding a seasoned flair to this dynamic duo is none other than Jeremy Irons, the versatile actor renowned for his ability to lend depth and complexity to every character he embodies. In “Eternal Return”, Irons will portray Malcolm, a Renaissance man with the courage to attempt the impossible: traveling back in time.Behind the Scenes Brilliance

“Eternal Return” boasts a stellar production crew led by seasoned producers Jillian Apfelbaum, Tristen Tuckfield, Nic Gordon, Jordan Spence, and Anya Ryzhenkova. With the collaborative effort of Zephyr Films, Village Roadshow Pictures, and New Name Entertainment, the film is guaranteed to deliver a unique viewing experience.

The lens of the film is in the capable hands of Pierluigi Gigi Malavasi. Known for his ability to capture the beauty and intricacy of complex stories, Malavasi will no doubt elevate the imaginary landscapes of Virgil’s maps, adding another layer to this tale of love and time travel.

A Journey Beyond Time and Space

Still of Kit Harington in Extrapolations
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“Eternal Return” invites us on a journey that extends beyond time and space, towards the uncharted territories of the heart. A reunion of beloved actors and a seasoned production team, this film is one to anticipate. This summer, prepare to journey to imaginary places, to explore the terrain of love and the unexplored depths of the human heart.

In this landscape of lost and found love, the stars align once again for Naomi Scott and Kit Harrington in the upcoming “Eternal Return. One thing is clear: this is not a movie to be missed. Stay tuned for more updates as we eagerly await the summer of 2023.

Eternal Return’s Production Studios

Behind the magic of “Eternal Return” are three of the industry’s leading production studios: Zephyr Films, Village Roadshow Pictures, and New Name Entertainment. Each studio carries with it a history of cinematic excellence, ensuring “Eternal Return” is firmly on the path to be a standout feature of 2023.

Known for their engaging and innovative content, Zephyr Films has established its place in the realm of impactful cinema. Their knack for nurturing compelling narratives and unforgettable characters lends a depth of creativity to “Eternal Return”. On the other hand, Village Roadshow Pictures, a name synonymous with high-quality productions and worldwide successes, adds their international expertise to the mix. The collaborative synergy of these studios is further bolstered by New Name Entertainment, a relatively new player on the block but rapidly gaining a reputation for bold storytelling and visually stunning productions. With these three at the helm, the audience of “Eternal Return” is set for an uncharted journey of love, imagination, and emotion.

Zephyr Films

71 Queen Victoria Street
London, EC4V 4BE
+44 77 68 27 05 13
+44 207 794 0011

Village Roadshow Pictures

10100 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 200
Los Angeles, CA 90067

New Name Entertainment

St Johns House, 16 Church Street
Bromsgrove, B61 8DN

Title: Eternal Return


Yaniv Raz


Yaniv Raz


Naomi Scott
Kit Harrington
Jeremy Irons


Jillian Apfelbaum – Tristen Tuckfield – Nic Gordon – Jordan Spence – Anya Ryzhenkova

Filming Location:

United Kingdom

Filming Status:

Summer 2023


The epic romance, follows Cass (Naomi Scott), a young woman who has resigned herself to a life of emotional invulnerability until she meets Virgil (Kit Harrington), a cartographer who makes maps to imaginary places. Along with his partner Malcolm (Jeremy Irons), a vibrant renaissance man, the pair relentlessly attempts to travel back in time awaken Cass to love again.

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