An Ideal Wife

Love, Betrayal, and Liberation: Emilia Clarke’s ‘An Ideal Wife’ Now in Development

While Emilia Clarke has already won hearts as the Mother of Dragons in “Game of Thrones” and even journeyed through the Star Wars galaxy and the MCU, fans have undoubtedly fantasized about her as an ideal wife. Now, in a twist of cinematic fate, she’s set to make that fantasy a reality—on screen, at least—as she steps into the role of Constance Wilde in the upcoming feature film, “An Ideal Wife.”

The feature film is currently in active development, but the talented team of creatives backing Clarke is already giving us a lot to be excited about!

The Story: A Tale of Self-Discovery Amidst Marital Strife

The film revolves around Clarke’s character Constance Wilde, who finds herself eclipsed by her famous husband, Oscar. Once a vibrant part of his life, she now feels like a mere sideshow to his ego.

But when Oscar’s infidelity threatens their marriage, Constance sees an opportunity for liberation and self-discovery. She crosses paths with Arthur Humphreys, a man willing to unlock her suppressed desires, leading her to question societal norms and embrace her true self.

The Talent: A Stellar Team Behind and In Front of the Camera

Me Before You
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Best known for her iconic role in “Game of Thrones,” Emilia Clarke is set to bring depth and complexity to Constance Wilde. Her ability to portray strong, multi-faceted women makes her the perfect choice for this intricate role.

The screenplay is penned by a talented trio: Sophie Hyde, Claire Barré, and Matthew Cormack. Notably, Sophie Hyde, who is also directing the film, has previously collaborated with Matthew Cormack on projects like “52 Tuesdays.” Their proven synergy promises a compelling narrative and nuanced characters.

The Casting Maestros: Dixie Chassay and Nikki Barrett

When it comes to casting, Dixie Chassay and Nikki Barrett are no strangers to assembling star-studded ensembles that resonate with audiences. Chassay, known for her work on critically acclaimed films like “The Favourite,” has a knack for matching actors to roles that push the boundaries of their craft. Barrett, whose credits include international hits like “Lion,” has often spoken about the importance of authentic casting in interviews. 

Together, their combined expertise promises a cast that not only complements Emilia Clarke’s undeniable talent but also elevates the entire narrative. With these two at the helm, expect nothing less than casting magic that brings each character to life in a way that’s as compelling as it is authentic.

Those interested in casting information can reach the directors in the following ways.

Direct Contact: Dixie Chassay

Direct Contact: Nikki Barrett

The Producers: The Powerhouses Behind the Project

Chris Curling, Olivier Delbosc, and Matthew Gledhill are the producers steering this ambitious venture, ensuring that the film has all the resources it needs to be a blockbuster hit.

Zephyr Films

71 Queen Victoria Street, London EC4V 4BE, UK


Phone: +44 77 68 27 05 13

Curiosa Films

7, avenue Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 75008 Paris, France

Phone: +33 .

Wheelhouse Productions

30-34 New Bridge Street, London, EC4V 6BJ, UK


Closer Productions

1 Mulberry Rd, Glenside, SA 5065, AU

Phone: +61 8 8394 2535


Embankment Films

16 High Holborn, London WC1V 6BX, UK

Phone: +44 (0) 207 183 4739


Why ‘An Ideal Wife’ Should Be on Your Radar

Still of Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding in Last Christmas
Photo Credit: Jonathan Prime/Uni | © A Universal Release. © 2019 Universal Studios

With its captivating storyline, top-tier talent, and themes that resonate in today’s society, “An Ideal Wife” is more than just a film—it’s a cultural event in the making. So, mark your calendars and stay tuned for more updates as this cinematic masterpiece moves closer to its release date.

An Ideal Wife

Format: Feature Film

Status: Active Development

Producer: Chris Curling – Olivier Delbosc – Matthew Gledhill


Director: Sophie Hyde

Cast: Emilia Clarke

Casting Director: Dixie Chassay – Nikki Barrett

Synopsis: Constance Wilde is seemingly blessed with all the trappings of success and a colorful life – however she feels herself becoming a shadow. Once an equal partner to her celebrated husband Oscar, she now lives on the edges of his life: exhausted by her children, shut out of his friendships and no longer an inspiration for his work. A sideshow to his ego. She still loves her brilliant husband but no longer herself, her life an empty performance. When Oscar falls madly in love with another, his indiscretion threatens to collapse the fragile arrangement of their marriage. Now Constance realizes that in her emptiness lies opportunity: she can become whoever she chooses to be… “The human heart is more flexible than one might suppose.” Determined to reclaim herself, Constance crosses paths with Arthur Humphreys, Oscar’s would-be publisher. With an agenda of his own, Arthur is a man willing to unlock Constance, to go beyond her perceived ‘limits’ –to feel vivacious. Soon Constance finds she is no longer interested in propriety or hiding who she really is. She will no longer protect Oscar from his own hypocritical self-denial, and she yields to her suppressed temptations. In the shadow of Oscar’s greatness, Constance lives life to the full – and burns brightly.

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