Barbenheimer No Longer Just a Meme—Film Now in Development

In an audacious move that only Hollywood could conjure, the viral meme “Barbenheimer” is leaping from your social media feed to the silver screen. Charles Band, the maestro of B-movie brilliance, is at the helm of this unexpected cinematic venture, promising a fusion of dark humor, satirical wit, and a healthy dose of absurdity.

Film Information

Title: Barbenheimer

Format: Feature Film

Filming Status: Active Development

Producer: Charles Band

Synopsis: Barbenheimer follows Dr. Bambi J Barbenheimer, a brilliant scientist doll living in Dolltopia, a world of endless summers and beach parties, and her boyfriend Twink Dollman. Incensed by the brutal treatment the dolls receive at the hands of human children, she ventures into the real world, where she experiences humanity at its worst and decides to build a giant nuclear bomb to take it all out.

Production Studios

Full Moon Features / Candy Bar Productions

1626 Wilcox Ave., Ste 474, Hollywood, CA 90028


Phone: 323-822-2100

Fax: 213-627-4615

Amp International

5th Floor, 14-16 Dowgate Hill, London EC4R 2SU UK


Phone: +44 20 7535 6714

A Cultural Phenomenon Gets the Big Screen Treatment

The “Barbenheimer” phenomenon, a quirky blend of the blockbuster hits “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer,” captured the internet’s imagination with its stark juxtaposition of themes and aesthetics. Now, it’s set to captivate audiences in a whole new format. Full Moon Features, a studio synonymous with cult classics, is spearheading this project, blending the neon-soaked world of “Barbie” with the ominous overtones of “Oppenheimer.”

The Storyline: A Satirical Bombshell


“Barbenheimer” follows the tale of Dr. Bambi J Barbenheimer, a scientist doll from the idyllic Dolltopia. Disillusioned by the cruel treatment of dolls by children, she embarks on a mission to build a nuclear bomb. It’s a narrative that’s as explosive as it is cheeky, with a tagline that’s already turning heads: “D-Cup, A-Bomb.”

Band, known for his eclectic and often eccentric filmography, including titles like “Puppet Master” and “Evil Bong,” brings his unique brand of filmmaking to “Barbenheimer.” His approach? A blend of low-budget charm and high-concept satire. Band’s vision for the film is clear: to inject some much-needed humor into the current cinematic landscape.

A Low-Budget Spectacle with High Ambitions

Despite its modest budget, “Barbenheimer” is shaping up to be one of Band’s more ambitious projects. The film is expected to feature a mix of comedy, drama, action, and, of course, Armageddon. With a script already in place and a soundtrack that promises to be as quirky as the film itself, “Barbenheimer” is gearing up to be a wild ride.

The announcement of “Barbenheimer” has stirred a mix of excitement and skepticism in the industry. While some view it as a shameless cash-in on a fleeting meme, others see it as a bold, creative endeavor. Regardless, the film is already generating significant buzz, with fans eagerly awaiting more details.

What’s Next: Casting and Production

With the film’s cast and director yet to be announced, speculation is rife about who will bring the eccentric characters of “Barbenheimer” to life. Production is expected to begin next year, with a release date set for Christmas 2023 on Amazon’s Prime Video and Full Moon’s streaming service.

“Barbenheimer” is more than just a movie; it’s a cultural statement, a testament to the power of memes, and a reflection of our times. Whether it will be a hit or a miss remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: in the world of Charles Band, expect the unexpected.

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