Autograph Secret Santa

Autograph Secret Santa 2023

Autograph Secret Santa 2023

Welcome to the Tales from the Collection Autograph Secret Santa! An exciting opportunity to exchange autographs with fellow enthusiasts.

Rules & Guidelines:

  1. Open Participation: Anyone interested is welcome to join.
  2. Matching Criteria: U.S. participants will be matched with others in the U.S. International participants will be paired based on location.
  3. Registration: Provide your full name and address for matching and shipping. Deadline is November 30th.
  4. Gift Specifications: Gifts must be autographs valued at $25 or more. Certificates of authenticity are encouraged.
  5. Anti-Bot Verification: Follow us on social media and share your username in the form. Links below!
  6. Shipping: Send gifts by December 15th to ensure timely holiday delivery.
  7. Privacy: Your information will only be used for this event and kept confidential.
  8. No Guarantee/No Liability: While we facilitate the event, we can’t guarantee gift receipt and are not liable for lost/damaged items.
  9. Reporting: Contact us if you encounter issues such as not receiving a gift.
  10. Feedback: After the event, share your experience to improve future events.

Let’s make this Secret Santa memorable! Happy gifting!