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An Exclusive Look at FX’s Revival of Alien

There’s an exhilarating sense of anticipation that surrounds any revival. When the subject of said revival is a cultural touchstone like Alien, the anticipation ascends to an entirely different level. The upcoming Alien series, currently filming in the scenic locale of Bangkok, Thailand, promises to breathe new life into the classic horror-sci-fi franchise.

The series boldly changes the canvas of the Alien narrative by setting the plot on Earth. However, this isn’t the Earth we know. It’s a future world, not too far off from ours, defined by a terrifying mix of the gut-churning horror that the first film is revered for, and the relentless action that the second installment boasts.

Rising Stars in the ‘Alien’ Universe: Meet the Cast

Still of Sydney Chandler and Talulah Riley in Pistol
© 2022, FX Networks. All Rights Reserved

FX has managed to secure an ensemble of promising and fast-rising actors to bring the ‘Alien’ TV series reboot to life. These emerging talents, bringing with them rich and diverse acting experiences, are set to shape the landscape of the upcoming series.

Sydney Chandler: A Versatile Prodigy

Sydney Chandler, born February 13, 1996, is making waves in the industry with her distinct style and undeniable talent. The Texas native and daughter of actor Kyle Chandler, Sydney has been impressing audiences since her debut. Her versatile repertoire includes her role in “Don’t Worry Darling”, directed by Olivia Wilde, and a striking performance as Chrissie Hynde, founding member of The Pretenders, in the FX miniseries “Pistol. Chandler has also been cast in the Apple TV+ series “Sugar” alongside Colin Farrell, and she’s now ready to make her mark in the ‘Alien’ universe.

Alex Lawther: A Brilliant Young Talent

Born in Petersfield, Hampshire, England in 1995, Alex Lawther has quickly earned recognition in the industry. He was awarded the London Film Critics’ Circle Award for “Young British Performer of the Year” in 2015 for his role as the young Alan Turing in “The Imitation Game”. Lawther’s compelling performances and wide range of roles demonstrate his remarkable talent. Now, he’s poised to bring his unique acting prowess to the ‘Alien’ series.

Essie Davis: From Down Under to Outer Space

Essie Davis, an Australian actress and singer, is known for her magnetic performances in “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries”, “The Babadook”, and her recurring role in “Game of Thrones”. With each role, Davis has shown her ability to captivate audiences, making her a perfect addition to the ‘Alien’ series cast.

Adarsh Gourav: The Multifaceted Performer

Adarsh Gourav Bhagavatula, born on July 08, 1994, in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India, brings his vast acting and musical experience to the ‘Alien’ cast. Gourav, a trained singer and accomplished actor, has worked in both Hollywood and Bollywood industries. He made his mark with roles in “My Name is Khan”, “Rukh”, and “Mom”. His performance in the Netflix production “The White Tiger” further showcased his acting prowess. His diverse skills and ability to adapt make him a captivating addition to the ‘Alien’ series.

The Visionaries Weaving the Nightmare

Still of Ridley Scott and John Hurt in Alien
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An array of talented individuals spearhead the revival, infusing it with their unique vision and understanding of the Alien universe. Fargo’s Noah Hawley holds the reins of the series as the writer and director. His adept storytelling abilities promise a captivating narrative that retains the classic Alien aura while pushing its boundaries.

In the production seats, we have a power-packed team, including the renowned Ridley Scott and the gifted quartet of Jack Glascott, Caitin Bruner, Vince Landay, and Chris Lowenstein. Together, they ensure that the series upholds the production value that the Alien franchise is known for.

Future Horrors: Unraveling the Enigma of the New Plot

The narrative of the Alien series teases a terrifying yet fascinating journey. The plot is set in a future Earth that is caught in a technological and corporate tug-of-war, reminiscent of the classic conflicts of Edison, Westinghouse, and Tesla.

Notably, it explores the concept of immortality, a coveted yet terrifying prospect, and looks at it through the lenses of artificial intelligence and transhuman downloads. The Xenomorph saga, a staple of the Alien franchise, remains shrouded in mystery, keeping the fans at the edge of their seats, wondering how it will tie into this series.

Awaiting the Return of the Alien Franchise

With filming currently underway, the anticipation for the series continues to grow. The series promises a narrative that is deeply rooted in the ethos of the Alien franchise yet explores new territories in terms of characters, plot, and setting.

This return to the franchise may not include Sigourney Weaver’s iconic Ripley, but it guarantees the return of the heart-stopping horror that the franchise is known for. The new Alien series promises to be a visual and narrative spectacle that fans won’t want to miss.

While it’s a journey back to a familiar nightmare, this time, the nightmare hits close to home – our home, Earth. It’s a brand-new chapter in the Alien saga, and only time will reveal how this series will add to the legacy of this beloved franchise.

Notably, the production comes on the heels of “Alien: Romulus”, an upcoming standalone feature film within the Alien franchise, set to be released on Hulu, featuring an original narrative and currently under production in Budapest.

Production Houses Behind Alien

FX Productions Logo

Several significant production studios are at the heart of this ambitious venture. Minim Productions, Inc and Living Films have set up shop in Thailand, proving that the Alien series is a global undertaking.

Stateside, Alcon Entertainment, 26 Keys Productions, The Third Floor, And Fx Productions fuel the project with their industry expertise. From Los Angeles to Thailand, the reach of the Alien series extends, promising an international treat for the fans of the franchise.

Minim Productions, Inc

The Studio Park Thailand, 999 Moo 3, Bang Bo, Bang Bo District, Samut Prakan 10560, Thailand +66 2 669 4200

Living Films

191/150 Koolpunt Ville 5 Chiang Mai- Hang Dong Road T. Mae Heia, A. Muang, Chiang Mai 50100, Thailand | +66 (0) 81 884 6009 | +66 (0) 61 224 5395

Alcon Entertainment

10390 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 250, Los Angeles, CA 90025 310-789-3040

26 Keys Productions

1438 N. Gower St., Bldg., 13, 4th Flr, Los Angeles, CA 90028 323-468-2021

The Third Floor

5700 Wilshire Blvd., Ste 650, Los Angeles, CA 90036 323-578-7538

FX Productions

10201 West Pico Boulevard Building 103, Fourth Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90067

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