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Bill O’Reilly is popular due to his strong stance on conservative issues and his ability to articulate his beliefs in a clear and concise manner. He is known for his direct and unapologetic approach to political discourse, which appeals to many people who feel frustrated with the current state of political correctness and intellectual dishonesty in the mainstream media.

Additionally, O’Reilly’s quick wit, extensive knowledge, and ability to effectively articulate his arguments have earned him a reputation as one of the most effective debaters on the political right. He is widely recognized for his ability to calmly and logically dismantle the arguments of his opponents, which has helped to build his following among those who are seeking a fresh and unapologetic perspective on the issues of the day.

To help make it easy for Bill O’Reilly’s fans to contact him, the following addresses, emails, and phone numbers have been compiled to give his fans the best and most up-to-date resources for contacting him directly or through his representatives.

How to Contact Bill O’Reilly

Bill O'Reilly
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Every day, thousands of people contact the celebrities, athletes, and public figures they admire most. Some want to request donations for charity, some seek new business opportunities, but most just want to send fan mail.

That’s because fan mail is a great way to express your support and admiration. Since Bill O’Reilly is such a huge star, there’s no doubt that the Fox News anchor gets his fair share of messages and well wishes.

Bill O’Reilly does have a known history of responding to fan mail! You can reach out to him by using this simple fan mail template to get started. If you’re having trouble expressing yourself, you can also generate a letter with AI! Then just try reaching out via the addresses below. Good luck!

Fan Mail
33 Shore Drive
Manhasset, NY 11030

More Ways to Contact Bill O’Reilly

Bill O'Reilly
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If you still need more email addresses, phone numbers, and mailing addresses in order to reach The O’Reilly Factor creator then look no further. O’Reilly has more than one agency looking out for his interests. Try reaching him at the following representatives.

Contact Form
St. Martin’s Press
120 Broadway
New York, NY 10271

DM Bill O’Reilly on Social Media

Killing the Witches by Bill O'Reilly
St. Martin’s Press

A lot of fans are more comfortable DMing than they are with sending a letter in the mail or making a phone call. It’s a strategy that can work as there are a number of celebrities that have been known to respond to DMs. Try reaching O’Reilly on his official social media accounts.

Bill O’

About Bill O’Reilly

Bill O'Reilly
Political commentator, Bill O’Reilly, during an interview on July 13, 2016 NBC/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty Images

Bill O’Reilly is a former television host, journalist, and author who became a prominent figure in the media landscape during his long and controversial career. Born on September 10, 1949, in New York City, O’Reilly grew up on Long Island and attended Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York, where he earned a degree in history.

After college, O’Reilly began his career as a high school teacher before moving on to work as a reporter for various newspapers and television stations. In 1980, he joined CBS News as a correspondent, covering stories both domestically and internationally. He later worked for ABC News and eventually landed his own show, “The O’Reilly Factor,” on the Fox News Channel in 1996.

During his time at Fox News, O’Reilly became one of the most recognized and controversial figures in the media world. His show, which ran for over 20 years, focused on current events and featured interviews with high-profile figures from politics, media, and entertainment. O’Reilly was known for his combative style and his willingness to take on controversial topics, often generating heated debate among his guests and viewers.

Over the course of his career, O’Reilly authored numerous books, including several bestsellers, and was a regular commentator on other media outlets such as radio programs and syndicated columns. He also hosted the radio program “The Radio Factor with Bill O’Reilly” and produced a number of television documentaries.

However, O’Reilly’s career was not without controversy. In 2004, he was sued by a former producer on “The O’Reilly Factor” for sexual harassment, leading to a series of other allegations from other women over the years. O’Reilly denied the allegations but settled with several of his accusers out of court. In 2017, following a major scandal involving allegations of sexual harassment, Fox News decided not to renew O’Reilly’s contract.

Despite the end of his television career, O’Reilly remained a prominent figure in conservative media circles and continued to publish books and make regular appearances on other programs. He also launched his own subscription-based online program, “No Spin News,” in 2017.

Throughout his career, O’Reilly received numerous awards and honors, including four Emmy Awards for his work in journalism. He was also a frequent target of criticism from those who disagreed with his views and his controversial tactics, making him one of the most polarizing figures in American media. Today, O’Reilly remains a divisive figure in public life, with many of his supporters hailing him as a fearless and influential commentator and many of his detractors criticizing him for his controversial views and behavior.


Who is Bill O’Reilly’s manager?

Bill O’Reilly is represented by HarperCollins Publishers. You can reach them at (212) 207-7000.

What is Bill O’Reilly’s fan mail address?

You can write to Bill O’Reilly via HarperCollins Publishers at:
c/o Author Mail, Floor 22
HarperCollins Publishers
195 Broadway
New York, NY 10007

How to contact Bill O’Reilly about a story?

You can contact Bill O’Reilly about a story by submitting your news tip via email at

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